Tips on Researching Your Target Audience for Marketing

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Every business exists in a close relationship with its audience. You make a product for people, and people trust you and invest their money into your stuff.

But these strong connections and the audience itself don’t show up from anywhere: you need to know how to target your kind of customers.

So, today we want to share a few simple tips on how to find the way to find your target audience to make it bigger, stronger, and more loyal than ever. Let’s go!

Look at the competitors.

That must be your first step in any target audience researching. Well, if they made it, they must have done something right.

Investing in a good competitor analysis is priceless. Look at competitor’s social media accounts, go through their ad texts (who do they talk to), and read the product’s feedback.

You can learn who is interested in a similar product as yours, why they love it, and what you can offer them to make these people turn to your products and become your audience.

Build a portrait of your customer

Creating a picture of your ideal customer is both easy and hard. You need to use data from the competitor analysis, your personal search, and even common sense to do that.

With the knowledge you have, you need to define the traits that make a person your target audience. Your personal database of loyal customers that have already bought your product will come in hand too.

Don’t forget about free statistics tools like Google Analytics, Buzzsumo, Trends, etc. It is an endless source of very useful information. You can learn countless different things from it about the people who come to your website and purchase your products.

Define audience’s demographics

Relying on your data and statistics, you can find out the age, occupation, income, education, gender, preferences, interests, etc. Furthermore, of the person that will need your product.

It is the first half of the portrait that answers the question, “Who buys your product?”.

Explore psychographics

Marketing is very tightly connected with psychology. It helps you to learn why your audience buys your products. Use relevant psychographics to define the behavioural traits of your ideal customer.

The behavioural aspect is the second half of the “ideal customer’s portrait”. It will help you eliminate some clusters of people who fit it because of the demographics. But they are not interested in your product at all.

You can apply this same reasoning for other groups of people who are not your target demographic, but they love your product.

These two factors (psychology and demographics) now create a picture of your ideal customer. Additionally, will help to define how your target audience looks like.

Get creative!

Marketing is a place where experiments can bring very surprising results. With a little bit of creativity, you can develop new ways of getting people into your product and buy them.

For example, just ask your clients who they are! Send a simple survey with a discount promise (nobody likes free labour). Also, you will get free marketing research within your own customer base.

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