How to use Google AdWords to market my real estate agency

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Do you want to use Google AdWords to market your real estate agency but don’t know how to start?

You need not worry because we give you three tips to make the best use of Google AdWords to sell more homes.


Why should you use Google AdWords to market your real estate agency?

Real estate agents have to do a lot of geography-specific campaigns and ads. When you target your potential buyers in a specific area. You need a marketing plan that focuses on your target segment and helps you reach out to them with the right message.

With the right AdWords strategy, if someone searches for a house that you are selling. Your ad appears in front of them.


Define your Landing page

Many real estate advertisers make the mistake of using their home page as the landing page.

Your customers have a defined requirement. They look for a specific type of house in a particular geography. If you make them land on your homepage. They will get lost and frustrated searching for what they want.

With a good AdWords strategy, you can make them land exactly where they want to be on your website.

For example, you want to target buyers for a specific neighborhood called ‘Hillview’, and you have a lot of content to share with your prospects about the area.

Create a page exclusively for Hillview, answering questions that are bothering your buyers. Use specific keywords like “2bhk apartments in Hillview for sale” and use this phrase to set up your Google AdWords campaign to draw potential buyers.


Choose the right keywords.

The home buyers have specific words in mind that they punch in Google for their searches. If your ad doesn’t contain those keywords, it will not rank high on SERP, and your competitor’s ad with those keywords will grab the buyer’s attention.

For example, if a buyer is looking for a two-bedroom house in Hillview,  your ad should contain longtail keywords that include ‘Hillview’ and ‘two-bedroom in them.

A great longtail keyword strategy requires thorough market research to understand your prospects’ google search behavior. Moreover, you should know their specific questions related to home buying.


Include Call to action (CTA)

Once you pull your target customers to your landing page with your ads. Additionally, you need to make them act with a CTA statement.

Add a link to download your floor plan or community details. Or give your visitors an option to register themselves by filling up a form. You can also ask your prospects to request a free home visit.

Depending on your business goals. Furthemore, Include a well-defined CTA to turn your prospects into leads.

A well-designed landing page. Also, the right keywords and a CTA statement can make your real estate marketing successful.

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