An all-in-one AI driven sales and marketing platform that integrates with your CRM to deliver you leads and appointments.

It consolidates your Email, Phone and Text messages in the one place.

It can also integrate your Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM’s, Chatbot, Google My Business chat and Whatsapp communication.

Designed to be a hands-free solution for agents as we create and run all the automated workflows. You just make the calls and attend the appointments.

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Leadgentology delivers AI and data lead generation and appointment setting for agents. We combine the power of technology and data to deliver hyper-personalised conversations that generates consistent, qualified leads for your business across multiple channels.

A hands-free solution for agents that connects and talks with your CRM.

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Delivers an agent to agent referral service. It allows agents and mortgage loan officers and builders to connect, network and refer each other business.

The service nurtures your contacts that you cannot service and when they are ready to sell, we will help you refer them to another agent or mortgage loan officer or builder and pay you a referral fee.

The Referology platform helps real estate agents build valuable partnerships. Our networking, and growing integration marketplace brings partnerships and revenue together.


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