Prospectology delivers solutions for Real Estate Agents that will grow your business.

The service combines technology and hands on consulting services to deliver solutions that fit your real estate business. No two agencies are alike, so we tailor our technology and services to meet your business requirements.

We leverage our networks of professionals covering sales, marketing, operations and finance to deliver you a bespoke service plus technology that integrates and enhances your existing services.

We are all about streamlining your operations, so you are spending more time selling and listing.


An all-in-one AI driven sales and marketing platform that integrates with your CRM to deliver you leads and appointments.

It consolidates your Email, Phone and Text messages in the one place.

It can also integrate your Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM’s, Chatbot, Google My Business chat and Whatsapp communication.

Designed to be a hands-free solution for agents as we create and run all the automated workflows. You just make the calls and attend the appointments.




Trilogy brings real estate agents together with other small business to deliver a loyalty and reward service like no other in the market today.

The service delivers a win-win for real estate agents and other small business. We build your brands through cross advertising and marketing. This is the best way to keep costs down and deliver maximum reach.

We do all the heavy lifting for you so you can spend your time running your business.


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