Interesting Granny Flat Designs

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You can add value to your own home space with a well-design granny flat. That ensures a comfortable space for your dear ones and guests. A 3-bedroom granny flat is a spacious apartment that can be challenging to decorate. But this would put your designing skills at test. If a proper layout is chosen and the designing is proper. You can be highly satisfied with how well space is transform and helps increase the resale value of your house. Here are some interesting granny flat designs to make you realize your plans.


Japanese granny flat designs can be simply defined as “Zen”. Interiors of these styles are for the unclutter. Clean and simple living, it is all about respecting natural beauty. There is very little furniture in actual Japanese homes, but you can still maintain this type of aesthetic design with all the modern furniture items in your home intact. The key, however, is to keep your granny flat design simple and ship-shape. You can pick sliding doors, screens and other decorative elements that are part of Japanese décor.

Add a dash of nature into your indoor décor, with bamboo and bonsai plants. In case there is an outer deck in your granny flat, keep single small water feature producing soothing bubbling sounds of water. Pick clean-lined, contemporary furniture that is made of wood and place them lower to the ground. Go for simple colours of nature that have a soothing effect on the senses, such as:


This is quite a fetching style that combines contemporary as well as traditional granny flat designs and gives a granny flat space enough to be comfy as well as interesting. Your granny flat is supposed to be a unique area in the home, and the space deserves to have a style of its own. Thus, you should use various amazing accessories – such as glass and steel elements – and combine them with cosy and chic furnishings that would be loved by your granny. You can get a unique but charming look and enjoy a lot of liberty in designing.


These granny flat designs involve sleek lines and simplicity and are inspired by minimalism. It can make the space in your granny flat bigger in terms of size and give the visitors an edge of sophistication. While decorating, you should consider using chic, crisp furniture items that come in light colours. Use only a handful of accessories and a basic colour palette.


Use older woods, stone and other natural materials and earthy, warm tones for these granny flat designs. Use heavy candles, flowers and other accessories, delicate serving ware and thick linens to complement them. If you find the countryside charming, like most people do, you are going to love this style of interior designing that is inspired by the countryside of France.


This is a style that offers a trendy makeover with a shabby-chic pattern that can easily imitate. This type of style makes use of distressed trimmings without a finish and helps create a very natural space that seems out-of-door. It is better to put handmade stuff here, such as hand-stitched quilts and pillow coverings. Keep some beautiful plants to heighten the out-of-door theme and ensure natural purification of air.


These granny flat designs are breezy in style, airy, open and very relaxing. Wicker and wood furniture items, particularly in white colours, are excellent options. Keep fluffy area rugs of beige colour to lend an illusion of sand


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