How Difficult It Is to Relocate to Australia in 2019

How Difficult It Is to Relocate to Australia in 2019

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Australia has become the ultimate land of opportunity in the 21st century. While countries such as USA and Canada are still among the most coveted backdrops for white-picket fence living, the Land Down Under has deservedly risen through the ranks and rivaled the best of places with its stable economy, robust infrastructure and constructive mentality of its residents. This means that countless individuals around the globe are looking for the most convenient ways to move here. Additionally, here’s how difficult it is to relocate to Australia in 2019.

Let’s start with the simple matters and simple answers

The most prudent way to start off this topic is to bluntly answer the question implied in the title. How hard can it be to move to Australia today? The answer is: it is very hard and the process is rather complex. But the end-goal is absolutely worth it. The statistics will not encourage you: circa 70% of applicants for Australian citizenship do not pass the immigration process. They either fail or simply give up.

While failure does not mean that you are banned to try again, it comes with a delay penalty. So if something really immediate is motivating you to relocate here, you should probably not risk this. Prepare yourself to the best of your abilities. The easiest route is to simply study in Australia. But most such opportunities, as well as work and travel arrangements. Are closed off by the time you reach the age of 30. On the other hand, Australia Visa subclasses tend to become unavailable for most people once they reach their 45th birthday, so keep that in mind as you proceed.

The matter of language and its ultimate trapping

The primary cultural hallmark that will determine whether you are valid for Australian citizenship is the knowledge of the language. Furthermore, ‘litmus tests’ such as PTE Academic are an amazing showcase of your skills that are also a necessary requirement by the Australian government. Still, one of the biggest trappings of the process is the notion that, once you ‘get in’. You can relax and dial down on the effort. This is incorrect especially when it comes to language, and you should consider turning to the finest PTE coaching which will keep your English syntax as sharp as possible. And truth be told, this is indeed the sharpest tool in the shed you will need in order to become assimilated. And exploit the best job opportunities according to your skill set. Remember, you are not ‘out of the woods’ once you get in – get rid of that mindset.

The benchmarks and hallmarks

While we are on the topic of skill sets, skill assessment is deemed to be the first and one of the hardest stages when it comes to Australian immigration application. It can be a logistically mind-warping process no matter how experienced you are in your profession, so it requires patience and endurance. It is all about paperwork and squeezing in every little tidbit of substantial information about your work history imaginable. Once you pass this, the next item on the ‘menu’ is EOI or Expression of Interest. Which will pit your ‘presented’ skill set against those of other candidates on the waiting list. Once you pass this, a battery of medicals and other reviews await you.

Countries that offer the best living conditions have not attained this status without a solid reason. The residents of perceived paradises such as Australia have toiled hard through centuries in order to create a system that works in the broadest sense possible. And their geographical location has contributed to their integrity as well, without a shadow of a doubt.

Naturally, when you work so hard to achieve something so valuable. You are not particularly prone to welcome people into your midst that do not share a similar mindset. This is why it can be hard to relocate to the Land Down Under – the entire process has become just so selective. However, with the right skill set and the proper set of goals. You can become the Australian spirit incarnate and manifest your destiny to the best of your abilities. By finally managing to move to this 21st-century land of dreams and make something of yourself.

By Diana Smith