What to Expect If You’re Moving to the Land Down Under

What to Expect If You’re Moving to the Land Down Under

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If you're not happy with your current place of living, and you're considering moving to another city or even a continent, Australia should definitely be one of the choices to consider. From beautiful beaches to great job offers and low crime rates, the Land Down Under can be a lovely place to holiday, live and begin your new chapter of life. Check out some of the cities that'll certainly make you feel at home and fall in love with the Land Down Under.

Living in Perth

Living in Perth can be quite affordable, as the cost of living is quite low in comparison to other major cities such as Sydney or Melbourne. However, if you're in need of a job, you should know that Perth has some of the highest rates of unemployment in Australia, currently up to 10%. When it comes to weather, you’ll have the chance to experience all four seasons and enjoy sweltering summers on beautiful beaches such as Scarborough, Cottesloe, City Beach, Trigg, and Rottnest Island. However, one of the downsides is certainly traffic and you’ll need to be patient if you decide to travel somewhere by car.

Moving to Sydney

If you’re looking for the hustle and bustle of a corporate city, then Sydney is definitely the right choice for you. Incredible beaches, low crime rates, and warm, sunny weather are just some of the reasons you should pick Sydney as your new home. Public transportation has a long way to go, which is probably why you should consider getting a car to run errands and commute to work. However, you need to know that having a car requires regular function check-ups that will ensure your oil levels, tyres, breaks, and battery are in check. Don’t worry if you need a quick tyre change because you can easily find affordable tyres in Blacktown near Sydney and have them changed quickly without breaking the bank. Job hunt won’t be a problem for you if you’re looking to work in trade, construction, retail, engineering, IT, finance or law.

What to expect in Melbourne

One of the most interesting facts about Melbourne is that you'll never know what to wear if you plan on spending the entire day outside. You'll have the chance to experience all four seasons switching during the day, which will make dressing up a nightmare every so often. Therefore, keep your umbrella and a light jacket in your bag at all times. Furthermore, all coffee lovers will find Melbourne the holy sanctuary since Melbournians tend to worship this warm brew. One of the best things about Melbourne is that you'll always stay active no matter the season since Melbourne is the sports capital of Australia.

Life in Brisbane

This Queensland city is much smaller in population and size than Sydney but there is more to Brisbane than meets the eye. Friendly and easy-going people will welcome you with open arms and make your stay in this Australian city a dream come true. If you don’t fancy colder weather, then Brisbane is the perfect city for you because winter doesn’t pay a visit to it. Foggy mornings and temperatures of below 10 degrees will be just a faded memory, as the temperature in Brisbane doesn't go under 15 degrees. Very dry and mild weather with a maximum temperature of 25 degrees Celsius will make your stay true heaven.

Moving to Australia can be the best decision you've ever made in your entire life. However, make sure you've done your research on all the potential metropolises before you make the final decision. Whether you base your decision on the type of the job you want to get, or by the weather you're most comfortable at, just make sure you think everything through before you make a huge leap in your life.

By Diana Smith