Expect Unexpected: Tips for Relocating to Sydney

Expect Unexpected: Tips for Relocating to Sydney

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Are you getting ready for your big move to Sydney? While the Land Down Under is a great place to live and visit. It’s better to come prepared than to venture blindly into this new part of your life. So, here are a few tips that will prepare you for all the unexpected things you might find in your new home city.

The city is very safe

While it’s definitely not crime-free, Sydney is quite a safe city. Australia has very strict gun laws so the chances of someone getting out a firearm are very slim. The biggest cause of violence in Sydney is alcohol, but the state is doing its best to fix that as well. There are various restrictions when it comes to alcohol sale and consumption which reduced street violence significantly.

The weather is not perfect all year round

People from Europe and the US think that Australia is hot all the time. However, winters can get really cold, and since many places don’t have central heating and good insulation. You can expect to be quite chilly. If you move to Sydney from Europe in July, make sure to bring more than one jumper!. A winter coat is a must, but don’t expect gray and wet winters of London or New York. If you come prepared. You’ll find winters in Sydney to be very pleasant.

Healthy lifestyle is big in Sydney

People are very health-conscious and active in Sydney. Many expats who never used to work out or watch their diet find themselves joining clubs. Additionally, hitting farmer’s markets in hopes to jump on the wellbeing wagon!

The food is amazing

Since Sydney is a true melting pot of different nationalities, races and cultures, you can expect to have a great time cruising the foodie scene. If you want, you can enjoy everything from amazing Chinese to Greek and Mexican cuisine all in one afternoon. Especially if you’re a big fan of street food and fast food. On the other hand, those who prefer high dining can hit amazing restaurants in Eastern Suburbs. and have a wonderful meal in a pleasant environment. Many places use organically and ethically produced ingredients, so if you care about the planet, you’ll have no issues finding something that fits your lifestyle choices.

Closing times are crazy

If you’re used to shopping until 9pm, you can forget about that completely. While there are late-night shopping days, all stores usually close at 5:30pm (5pm on weekends). Cafes are even worse since they close at 4pm on weekends which can be very bothersome to passionate coffee drinkers.

Transport is not ideal

Traffic and public transport in Sydney could be better. While you’ll get used to it pretty quickly, traffic might confuse the hell out of you at the beginning. However, albeit not ideal, public transport is clean and not overly crowded like in London. New York or many Asian countries. Most of the time, you’ll find a place to sit instead of being pushed against the door of the train or bus.

There are no dangerous animals lurking behind every corner

This is a common misconception about Australia. If you’re petrified of spiders and snakes, don’t worry. Most people in Sydney never see any dangerous animals and you can rarely find critters like spiders in your home. Especially those that can harm you. While you might think creepy crawlies are everywhere in Australia, things are actually more than OK.

People are super friendly

However, what Sydney (and the rest of the country) doesn’t lack is friendly locals. If you’re from Europe, especially the western part, you’ll be surprised just how chatty and welcoming Australians are. They are known to say hello, smile to strangers and even start conversations in shops.

All in all, Sydney might not be the perfect place to live, but its spirit is literally one-of-a-kind. Everyone who moves to this harbor city can expect to fall in love and never leave again.

By Diana Smith