Your Guide to Settle in Hong Kong

Your Guide to Settle in Hong Kong

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As a dynamic and lively city with a star economy and plenty of job opportunities. It’s no wonder Hong Kong is one of the most popular places in the world among expatriates. Of course, moving from one city to another is always a challenge. Not to mention if you’re also moving counties or continents. That said, if you’re looking to make the leap and move to Hong Kong. Take note of the following tips so that you can settle as soon as possible.

Living Situation in Honk Kong

Before you pack your bags and hop on a plane to Hong Kong. It’s necessary to find the right type of accommodation for your needs. Make sure to consider your situation: are you traveling alone, with your whole family, or with your partner?

In case you’re looking for family-friendly areas. Definitely consider the coastal paradise of Stanley, Repulse Bay, and Discovery Bay, together with more cost-effective options such as Kowloon Tong and West Kowloon.

On the other hand, you might be interested in the city centre the most so that you can expand your business opportunities. Areas you should be considering, in this case, include Mid-Levels, Sheung Wan, and Sai Ying Pun.

Whatever area you choose, you won’t be wrong as they all provide an expat-friendly community. Additionally, with plenty of bars and restaurants for your enjoyment.

However, finding an actual apartment might take some time. There are still plenty of different routes to take in this case as well. So don’t worry and focus on finding the best place for your needs. When you’re 100% sure about the area you want to live in. You can get in touch with real estate agencies in that area and check what they have to offer. It’s also rather effective to address online forums and Facebook groups, as well as real estate websites for this purpose. Moving into an apartment requires you to pay a security deposit first. This deposit usually equals the two-month rent. Of course, you’ll also have to pay a month’s worth of rent in advance.

Schooling in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s educational system is very efficient and progressive. But, precisely because of that, applications are usually turned in a year in advance. It’s possible for expat families to sign their kids up for school whenever, but you’ll have to settle for those institutions that have available spots left. Therefore, it’s always better to plan ahead and start sending the applications as soon as possible once you decide to make Hong Kong your new home.

Luckily, Hong Kong is a city that values education a lot, which is precisely why there are plenty of educational institutions, schools, and universities for all ages, including the youngest kids, too. For instance, you can even enter kids from 6 months to 3 years of age into a high-level education centre in Hong Kong, and be completely worry-free as the kids will be divided into appropriate groups and experience the best blend of sensory, physical, and creative play activities.

Transportation in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is huge but it also has an amazing transportation system. You can use several different means of transport to go around the city. There’s the MTR which is the city’s subway, affordable busses, the ferry for your over-the-sea transport, old-school and very cheap tram, as well as the taxi, which is also rather affordable considering the size of the city. Make sure to get yourself an Octopus card as it will make transportation much easier and it also works in supermarkets and some restaurants.

Healthcare in Hong Kong

Just like education, the healthcare system in Hong Kong is one of the finest in the world. You can count on top-notch medical professionals and the latest equipment in both public and private clinics and hospitals. Still, keep in mind that the pay rate matches the high-quality healthcare service. Therefore, you should consider getting health insurance as soon as you move to Hong Kong.

With so many beauties and attractions that the city of Hong Kong has to offer, you’ll never feel bored. Once you’re done with moving in, school applications, and healthcare insurance, you can enjoy yourself and try local food, visit Victoria Peak and nearby islands, go hiking and to the horse races, and so on.