What An Electrician Can Do To Your Lighting To Change The Looks Of Your House?

What An Electrician Can Do To Your Lighting To Change The Looks Of Your House?

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For many of us, lighting is pretty much limited to having a few bulbs in each room to ensure we don’t have to work in the dark. It is as simple as turning on the light when needed and turning it off after we are done working in the room. Be it the kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, or even the bathroom, lighting can actually change the entire appearance of the room. Lighting does much more than filling a room with bright light. It plays a great role in setting the tone of the room and in deciding our mood. Let’s see what an electrician can do to your lighting to change the looks of your house.

How an Electrician can Help?

While dim and soft lights help us relax after a long day, bright and glaring lights can disturb our senses and make us irritated. So, how do we decide which kind of lighting suits which room? Also, should we have only one kind of lighting in all the rooms? Can we fit the lights ourselves? We can get the answers to all questions by talking to professional experts only. They are professionals who fit and fix lights and other electrical appliances such as fans, smoke detectors, etc. as and where needed. Apart from knowing how to do the job, they also know how and where to fit a lamp or a bulb to enhance the appearance of the room. 

It is important to talk to the electricians and explain to them what we want. This will make it easy for the person to understand your lighting requirements and suggest better options. We may not know how a ceiling light placed right in the middle of the bedroom would affect our sleep. But with years of experience, the electricians would immediately tell us if it is the right decision or not. 

Points to Consider When Choosing Lighting

Having a basic idea about lighting will always be an advantage. When renovating the house or constructing a new one, an electrician will consider these points in mind to give you the best results:


Have a lighting plan that considers the size and shape of the house, the colors of the walls, the décor in each room, and the budget. Don’t make frequent changes to the plan. It will be confusing and unnecessary. 

Final Appearance:

We know it is not easy to visualize how the room would look after all the electrical appliances have been fitted. The electricians will tackle each room individually, know the purpose of a chandelier, floor lamp, ceiling lights, and overhead bulbs, and make the right decision accordingly. 

Ceiling Height Plays a Role:

If the ceiling is low (less than 10 feet), having a chandelier hanging down is not advised. Technically, a chandelier should hang at least 7 feet away from the floor. This will prevent people from walking right into the chandelier, especially in the dark.

Stay Away from Glare:

Bright lights, no doubt, add spark to the room. But that doesn’t mean we can go overboard and install glaring lights in each room. The electrician will decide the right spots to install them before ordering those flashy lights. 

Lights in the Corners:

Corners are the darkest parts of any room. At the same time, they can be cozy and best suitable for relaxing without getting in anyone’s way. Have dim downlights or floor lamps, with a favorite chair or a decorative piece, to make the room appear classy and comfortable. 

Energy Conservation:

Being responsible citizens is not hard. Ask the electrician to explain ways to conserve energy without comprising on your light requirements.

Remember that something that looks good in your neighbor’s house doesn’t have to look good in your house too. So, be realistic and stay within the budget, and let the electrician know your requirements before handing over your project to them.


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