Watch Out For The Top Creative Website Design Features In 2020 For Your Business Website

Watch Out For The Top Creative Website Design Features In 2020 For Your Business Website

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Creating a website is one of the primary things to do while owning a business online. It’s like a virtual address and marks for your authenticity at the same time. But apart from that, you need to keep following the latest trends to attract the right audience to your business.

Eventually, if more people are visiting your website. Then your domain authority will be impacted positively as well as the SEO score, keeping the regular upload of content aside.

But creative web design is also essential to help the customer stay longer on your website. For that, your home page needs to be classy, trendy, precise, and relatable.

It looks like a lot of work to do, but when you follow these trends. The job is much more comfortable, especially with Blurn Digital, Sydney, Australia and marketers onboard with you on such projects.

Use Impactful Headlines

One the latest trend to follow is to make your homepage headlines catchy but also clearly visible. It uses lesser words, roughly about 4-8 words. But these words will say the message out loud about your website and the product/service that you plan to offer.

This will be the clear indication of your vision and mission, that remain constant for a long term. So, with the oversized texted headlines. You can convey what the website is about and why one should be exploring various pages of the same.

In fact, if you use a whiteboard with the black or other colourful text, it will be more engaging for the readers to perceive. All in all, your welcoming text on the website’s homepage should be visible, large, and catchy for sure.

Pastel Colours Are A New Choice To Explore

The pastel colours are somewhere between the lighter and faded version of the colour schemes. For example, peach is one such colour that has been trending online or the unisex brands. Or for products to spread awareness, and for those products who believe inequality as well as the human touch.

So, if your brand is producing and selling something that wants immediate human response and purchase. Then using pastel should be the need of the hour for creative web designs.

However, using merely the pastel colour in the background will look bland or dull. To make it pop, you need to match with amazing or darker text and graphics. For that, you should be able to train your team or hire those who are already experienced in mixing and matching of images and such colour together.

Opt For Bilingual Phrases

If you are targeting a global audience, then adding the same text in another language is one of the hip trends to follow in 2020 for your websites. Though, it has basic human psychology behind it. People while reading the site can relate more if they see the same text in their native language.

But you should also be careful while pasting these texts on your website with calculated size and frequency. Otherwise, it can easily put off the international targeted audience as well.

Add Personal Images

If a person is seen wearing or using the same product that you are selling, it catches the attention faster. So, you should try if you can infuse an image of a real person in any of the frames on the website’s design.

What we understood

  • Try larger welcome headlines for more attention.
  • Try pastel colours but hire professional with proper mix and match.
  • Use global phrases to increase the curiosity of international customers.
  • Add personal images and make your brand more real. Australia, 50 Murray St, Sydney NSW 2000. Australia, is a leading profit-focused Digital Marketing Agency offering a wide range of digital marketing services, including:

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