Types of Roof Safety Anchor Systems Used in Construction Industry

Types of Roof Safety Anchor Systems Used in Construction Industry

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Construction workers and professionals in this field need to work at dangerous heights on the rooftops that are more than 2 meters high. Often accidental deaths are reported that are caused due to falling off from heights and not taking precautionary measures. Therefore, many residential and commercial buildings install secure roof safety anchor systems at suitable points on rooftops to keep the safety of workers intact. The perfect roof anchor points depend on the nature of the roof and the probability of accidental falls from there.

Anchor Point with A Sling

A polyamide strap is used as the sling, which is tied securely around any object that is firmly placed on the sloping rooftop. This roof safety anchor point should be opposite in direction to the workplace of users, which can be the strong branch of a tree or the towing point of a large vehicle. A rope is attached to this sling with the help of a strong hook and the other end of the rope is fastened around the user.

Fixed Roof Anchor Point

This kind of anchor point is usually drilled into a nearby wall, to make it permanently stable. However, this anchor point can be removed from the wall if needed, leaving the drilling hole for later installation of another roof safety anchor for further use. If the anchor point is needed for a sloping roof, it should be installed at the center point of the roof surface. Hence, it is very popular and can be made of different kinds of materials, like steel, concrete, or bricks.

Jamb Anchor Point

This anchor point is usually installed on the framework of a door or window mounted on a wall supporting the roof. It consists of a tube, two clamps, a safety eye, and a hook, to which the rope can be attached. The tube is attached to the door or window frame with a clamp, for which this roof safety anchor should be wider than that frame so that a part of sticks out after installation. If there is no scope of installing this anchor on the front or back door, users can install it on an inner door that is located on a wall supporting the concerned roof.

Metal Roof Anchor

This anchor is made of stainless steel and designed like a spring, to absorb the energy of a fall impact. It can bear a heavy load due to the strength of the thick steel plate, which can be installed through the steel purlin on the inner side of the roof.  This roof safety anchor is meant for the protection of only one person at a time and it is flexible enough to turn into any direction. The installation of this anchor is very simple, and no extra tool is needed for its effective function in arresting sudden fall.

Concrete Roof Anchor

It is a good choice for arresting the fall from a concrete roof due to its well-researched design for absorbing the energy of the falling person. It has a stainless steel eyebolt that can transfer the force of fall impact and reduce the load on this roof safety anchor. The eyebolt is available in different effective designs to safeguard a user working on the rooftop. A screw cap of brass prevents the entry of dirt and dust particles into the eyebolt when it is not used.

All the roof safety anchor systems are designed to provide the utmost safety to users even at great heights. The lightweight and easy portability have made the installation of these anchors much easier. They can be installed without damaging the building structure. People use these anchors with other height safety equipment, as a precautionary measure against the risk of accidents.

By Layla Flinn