Tips on Painting a Kitchen

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Oh, the kitchen! The place where regular groceries turns into the masterpiece of culinary art.

This room can open another artsy side of your soul if you decide to paint it. And our article will give you handy tips on how to do it perfectly.

Prepare a project

If you want to have a cohesive and beautiful design in your kitchen you need to create a full project first.

You need this simply because it will be so much easier for you to choose the right colour for the walls once you see the full picture.

Of course, if you have an existing kitchen, just get samples of paint from a hardware store and choose the one that will perfectly fit your cabinets and appliances.

Prep the kitchen walls

This part of your project has four simple steps

  1. Clean them. You can use just soap and water for this, but you can purchase special cleaning solutions if you need something stronger for deep stains. Your goal here is to get rid of any grease or dust on the walls and improve the adhesion of the paint.
  2. Examine them. Take a good look at your walls and examine them to find any water stains or mould. If you see mould, you need to wash it with bleach or regular vinegar. Also, if you see water stains on the ceiling, you need to check your pipes and make sure that they aren’t broken before you start painting.

3. Fix them. You’ve been using this room for years and some fractures, cracks and holes in drywall are inevitable. Just fix them with spackle and sand them afterwards to get a smooth surface for painting.

4. Prepare them. Use a proper primer to further increase the adhesion of the paint.

Protect all the surfaces

Just cover everything you can with plastic and thank us later. Even the most careful painter will make a stain or two here and there.

Don’t forget about the floor: paint stains can ruin it for good.

Pick a good paint

We recommend you choose the paint that was made specifically for kitchens. It is usually water-resistant, grease-resistant and easily washable. With this kind of product, you can keep your walls tidy and clean for a very long time and prevent its repainting.

As for the finish, our top choice is semi-gloss and satin paints. They look very elegant and gather way less dirt and grease than flat paints.

Play with colour

You can make your kitchen’s walls just white and simple. However, we offer you to take a one step outside of your comfort zone and add an accent wall in your kitchen.

Just think of applying dark grey, pink, blue, green, red, or any other colour on one of your kitchen’s walls and imagine how it will complement the furniture and appliances.

It will be an awesome detail of your kitchen’s design, and you can repaint it anytime when you get tired of it.

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