Tips on Painting a Bathroom

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Painting your bathroom is a fun DIY project that will help you turn this room into your favourite relaxation spot.

While it is not a hard thing to do, we have some very good tips to help you avoid some common mistakes and complete this project successfully. Let’s get started!

Be serious with preparations.

Your bathroom is a warm and moist place. It is not an ideal situation for any material, especially for painted surfaces.

That’s why it is extremely important to prepare your walls properly to prevent any nasty things from appearing on your bathroom walls.

Start with cleaning walls from old paint’s remains. Then, use water and some disinfecting solution like bleach to kill bacterias and mould in the wall. Put on gloves because using bleach on bare hands will be very harsh to your skin.

Lastly, use a special primer to increase adhesion and make the paint on the walls extremely long-lasting.

It is all about your paint

If you need to paint your bathroom once and for all (or at least you want it last), be careful while picking your paint.

We recommend you choose a specific kind of paint that was made for rooms with high moisture levels. They were created to stay stable in bathrooms and saunas so you can be sure that parts of the ceiling and walls will not fall on your head while you are in a shower.

Another great feature of bathroom paints: they are washable. With this paint on walls, you will be able to keep your sweet bath clean, sanitary, and safe to use.

Move and protect

If you can move a toilet, sink, or even a bathtub from your bathroom before you start painting, it is amazing.

However, sometimes it is just not possible. In this case, cover everything with protective plastic, including doors and floor. Believe us, no matter how careful you are, there will be splatters.

Cleaning them, on the other hand, is a huge pain!

Let the light be your guide.

A regular bathroom is usually a relatively small and intimate place. Some have tiny windows, but most of them have none.

If this is your case, your best choice for the bathroom’s walls will be light, airy and calming colours like white, eggshell, beige, light blue, or ochre.

Also, with light paint on the wall, the room will seem so much bigger and spacious!

Create accents with accessories, not the walls

Colour is the ultimate way to set the right mood in any room. However, our tip is to choose colourful accessories over vivid pigments for your walls in the bathroom.

It can happen (and probably will) that you will eventually fall out of love with your bright red or blue bathroom. But if you get a nice white one with a scarlet carpet, crimson shower curtain and vermillion soap dispenser, all you need to change the mood in your bath is to change the accessories!