Most Important Things to Consider When Choosing an Office Space

Most Important Things to Consider When Choosing an Office Space

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Starting your own business is an amazing life choice that comes with great benefits, but also with many responsibilities. Actually, you can’t even start working without making hard decisions about your new office and finding the best space that will fit your job requirements! So, in order to help you make a good decision, no matter if you’re renting or buying the space, here are a few things to consider before writing a check.

First things first, the price

Unless you have an unlimited budget (which most us don’t have), you’ll have to find a space that you can afford. Sounds simple, get the cheapest place you can find! But, it’s much more complicated than that. If you spend too little, you’re risking ending up with a space that’s small, ugly and uncomfortable and you might find yourself relocating soon. On the other hand, spend too much, and you might waste all your budget, struggle to pay the rent and have to relocate to a smaller space. In order to find an office that’s just right, ask yourself these questions: Do I have money to pay the three-months rent right now? Is this space priced similarly to other offices for rent or sale in the area? Once you’re sure about your answers, you’ll most likely end up with a good deal and a quality workspace.

Keep expenses in mind

Don’t expect to come across an office space that fits your needs to a tee. Most likely you’ll have to do some remodeling, rethink your layout and even do significant renovations to boost productivity, sustainability, comfort and safety. So, make sure to include these in your budget!

Location is the key

“Location, location, location”, we all know that phrase, but it really is that important. Can your clients reach your quarters easily? Can your employees get to work without too much hassle? These are the most important questions to ask before signing a lease. Once these two are ticked off, you can also pay attention to other locations' pros and cons. Is the neighborhood safe? Are there facilities like coffee shops, bars and restaurants nearby? All of these aforementioned location parameters will keep both your clients and your workers happy!


Since you want you, your workers and your clients to feel safe, secure and relaxed in your office space, make sure to boost security. No matter what kind of work you conduct in your office, there are always safety concerns that lurk around, from simple slip-and-falls to fire hazards that shouldn’t be neglected. Another thing you must pay attention to is security. The best way to protect your assets and resources from injury and theft is to invest in a good monitoring system. For instance, systems like JD Security alarm monitoring are designed to keep people and assets safe and enhance your business operations. No matter where your workspace is located, in the city or outside of an urban area, with your alarm system, you will feel safe and even get amazing support and assistance with all technical elements. Also, consider Fast Fire Watch Guards.

Don’t neglect parking

Since many people drive to work, you can’t opt for an office that comes without any parking spaces in the area. Unless you’re fine with your employees coming late to work, you’ll need enough parking spaces nearby (a secure, dedicated parking area is the best choice). The same goes if you live in a city with many cyclists. Ensure there’s a safe area somewhere inside the property for bike storing. It might seem like an insignificant thing to you, but both clients and employees will appreciate the effort.


Sure, it’s always smart to consider more important factors first, but the design shouldn’t be neglected either. If you’re hoping to develop your brand and create a strong brand image, the style of your space is very important. Actually, an office is an amazing branding tool that will help you rise above the competition and encourage a strong sense of community in the office.

Once you settle in your new office, you’ll have a space that will support your efforts, provide comfort to your employees and clients and allow your business to flourish and grow.

By Chloe Taylor