Kitchen Makeovers an Exercise in Housekeeping and Beyond

Kitchen Makeovers an Exercise in Housekeeping and Beyond

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Everyone is concerned about renovating their home or rental property. But no one is concern about kitchen makeover. The kitchen is a space dedicate for food preparation in a dwelling. Carriage or commercial establishment. Additionally, a simple residential kitchen these days comes equipped with a stove. Sink with running water, cabinets arranged as per some basic prototype of modular design. In addition to these kitchen essentials, one may also have a microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher. Chimney and many other forms of electrical appliances. Other than cooking and storing food, the area may also use for dining, unwinding, and laundry.

For a long time, the kitchen served as an extension of the living room. So maybe it's no wonder that the design and construction of a kitchen and its allied furniture is a big business. Commercial and/or industrial kitchens are those that serve restaurants, hotels, hospitals, army barracks, trains, flights, educational and workplace facilities. These are enormous in size and need bigger and heavy-duty equipment.

Kitchen Designing

The makeover is defined as a remake, remodel, and redesign, revamp, recast, rework, redo or refashion some idea, person or thing to lead to better appearance and functionality. For many, home is what defines them as people and tastefully furnishing their abode is just natural. Kitchen decor likewise comes to occupy a place in these planning. In many nations, commercial kitchens are generally subject to stringent public health laws. There are surprise inspections by public-health officials and are subject to heavy penalties. Including closure if they do not satisfy hygienic requirements mandate by law. You can install energy efficient kitchen appliances so that you can save a large number of electricity bills. You should purchase appliances with star rating more than three so that you can save your valuable money. So, kitchen makeover is a requirement for both the domestic and industrial scale kitchens.

What is kitchen design? 

Kitchen floor plan with some arrangement of countertop, major appliances, and storage space creates the kitchen layout. The floor plan decides the path one takes in course of food preparation among the fridge, sink and cooking range. There are five primary kitchen layouts and you can certainly opt for one while doing your kitchen makeover.

  • Certain floor plans create a more spacious feel and efficiency; almost all layouts can be enhance by the right themes and cabinet solutions. If space is not an issue, one can add an island or two as well for extra workstation and even dining space. If the width of walkaways between island and cabinets doesn't create problems, one can go for islands in all shapes and sizes. They are no longer limited to a standard square or rectangular shape.
  • L shaped layout can provide for tracing a natural work triangle by having a continuous countertop on two adjacent walls. The benefit here is the ease of access from nearby rooms.
  • The U shaped or Horseshoe Kitchen is best suited for small spaces. As it allows for continuous countertops and storage that surrounds the cook from three sides. It is suppose the most versatile layout. In addition to the U, there is a little bit of extra fourth wall made of cabinetry in G shape layout, also known as peninsula kitchen.
  • The single wall or straight kitchen has all the three kitchen zones along a wall. Additionally, this facilitates the wall pantry pull-out above the base pantry pull-out.
  • The last fundamental layout is the galley or corridor kitchen where the workstations face each other on parallel walls.

Some more kitchen makeover ideas to opt for:

There is also an open kitchen layout that contains all three of kitchen. Dining and living area which relies on proper placement of carpentry and furniture to designate territories without the use of walls. Kitchen styles are demarcated into many categories to suit one's lifestyle. Prominent among them are Cottage, Country, Tuscan, Mediterranean, Modern, Contemporary, Coastal, Colonial, Victorian, Eclectic, Traditional, Transitional, French, Luxury, Mid-century modern, among others. Material for Kitchen countertops range from marble, stainless steel to wood. Hence, going for a kitchen makeover can be quite enthusiastic to choose from such a huge array of options. Kitchen makeover will get you 80% of your home when you will think about selling or renting.