Active Prospecting Unlocks What?

Active Prospecting Unlocks What?

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When was the last time you were disconnected?

Have you ever hung up? Rejection, hurt, rage, surprise, and shame result from such interactions. We defeat them how? The key is active prospecting.
For business lead generation, active social media prospecting has many benefits. The main benefit is reducing cold call intrusion and powerlessness.
The key to unlocking benefits is execution. The method I teach is for Instagram prospecting, but it works for other channels too.


Getting To Know

Social media relationships establish familiarity. I mean more than “friending” and liking stuff. This social media strategy encourages one-on-one encounters.


In Do You Prospect Actively Or Passively On Instagram?,

I suggested making 45 comments on other people's feed posts and 20 replies to their Instagram stories everyday. Use the platform to establish a “lead funnel.” How many conversations you start will differ greatly from how many reach the “go for the ask” phase. Qualified prospects at the bottom of the funnel are ready to talk. The ask is simply to schedule a meeting or conversation. Four to six touch points and frequent back-and-forth messaging are needed for that level of outreach.


Creating Trust

Define your market and ideal clients—people you have interests with. Finding people in those categories offers you a foundation. You make connections and friends by actively absorbing their stuff.

You allow others to consume your content. Feed and stories should reflect your personality and professionalism. Building a meaningful connection with someone requires content that supports the conversation.

Are you bonding over pets? Your kids' sports? Favorite restaurant? Make sure your content represents those interests. This and your real estate articles make it approachable and relatable.


Relaxing The Introduction

Along with navigating federal and state rules that regulate cold calls, the worst thing is that the recipient isn't expecting it and doesn't know who you are or why you're calling. If you have developed trust, reputation, and familiarity on Instagram, you can reference your previous encounters when you connect. Active prospecting softens the introduction and lets you adjust your approach to their needs.

Cold calling is difficult and can lead to legal issues and alienation. Turning the call into an extension of a nice encounter rather than an intrusive interruption helps minimize anxiety.

Building credibility through deliberate conversations allows you to confidently invite additional engagements.