Investing in Real Estate: 2019 Edition Tips

Investing in Real Estate: 2019 Edition Tips

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Most of us are aware of the financial potential of owning real estate which is why we all want a piece of it. Yet somehow it still manages to be marginalized. There are countless factors ready to discourage us from investing. Like horrible tenants and less than helpful advisors that don’t make a large profit from us. However, none of that should matter if you are willing and able. Real estate is no longer a game only the financial giants can play. In this day and age, lots of regular people are turning their residence into an income. By renting it out or selling it for money than they originally bought it for. Here are some tips on how to tackle this business so you too could turn your property into stable cash flow.

1. Pick the Right Moment

If you have decided to invest in buying a property, you have all kinds of research ahead of you. One of the most important things to figure out is the best time of year to buy and sell houses. This, of course, depends on where you live and whether you are buying or selling at the moment. For example, sales everywhere tend to slow down as school season approaches. And people are not looking to move into a new place any time soon. Before getting started, try to find a month-by-month sales analysis for your specific location.

2. Spot the Enemy

You will run into people - like your broker, tax accountant, and any other trusted advisor. And they are all probably going to advise against investing in real estate. Most of them could have valid arguments to present. But usually, the only reason they are going to suggest avoiding your recent pursuit of property is if they don’t see what’s in it for them. Unless they are earning a large commission, they will feel like they don’t have a horse in the race. Most of them will tell you that investing in real estate is an ordeal that is just too hard to manage. Once you spot these so-called “enemies”, it’s time to start fending for yourself. Do your own homework. You may have thousands of questions. Where do I even begin? How do I find the right website to list my property for sale online?

If I just want to rent, how do I find a suitable tenant? Relax. Go online, and try to find advisors that are actually willing to help. The right person, or company, can help you with anything from selling your home to managing the one you own. They can help you find the right property for you and the right tenant for your rental. Because they are experienced and aware of any issues that may emerge in certain situations. Eventually, they could even help you flip your property.

3. Flip a Property

Flipping a property means that you buy a piece of real estate for the sole purpose of selling it again for more money. You can resell a recent purchase without having done any work on it. Most people don’t tend to refurbish the house they bought to sell, they simply put it back on the market right away. However, you still need something to justify your raised price as opposed to the original lower price you paid. Perhaps you could resolve an ongoing legal issue that is tied to the house before putting it up for sale again. Or perhaps you will just get lucky and get a good bargain without investing any more money or time.

4. Build a Network

If you are going to make investing in real estate into a business, or even a hobby. You need to build a network before you get started. People, the kind of people who are actually willing to invest large sums of money. Will be more trusting of you if you build genuine relationships with them before you actually need anything from them. A client is more likely to trust you and what you’re selling if they already know you as a good person. That isn’t going to fool them into buying worthless property and then disappearing on them.


These days, the proper tools for investing in real estate are out there for anyone to find - anyone that is willing to put in the time. Real estate is a complicated machine, but with a little awareness and a little help, you could take ownership of your own future through smart investments. Anything that is worthwhile takes time, so have patience because the pay-off could be huge.