How to Use Social Media to Market Real Estate Listings

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Gone are the days when businesses relied solely on television prime times. Additionally, on newspaper Sunday editions to advertise a product or real estate listing. Social media has steadily gained paramount importance in advertising. Across a spectrum of industries for the plethora of benefits it offers. One of the most important benefits is that it eliminates time and distance as barriers to reach. You can reach your audience anywhere in the world at any particular time.

If you’re working in the real estate sector. Then the following is a blueprint you can follow to make your social media marketing efforts fruitful. 

Identify your Audience, choose a platform and social media strategy:

The first step is to identify your audience. You should know everything about their lifestyle. You should also try and find out which social media platforms they like using.

Every social media platform has a distinct audience. For instance, LinkedIn is used mainly for corporate branding. While TikTok and Instagram are photos and video sharing platforms. About 59% of social media users are on Facebook, making it the third most visited website.

To ensure that you hit the bullseye with your online marketing efforts choosing the right platform is paramount. Once you choose a platform, formulate a social media strategy.

Create a Profile

You can create a page (Facebook), profile (LinkedIn), handle (Twitter), or channel (YouTube) for your business. Based on your audience preferences. You can choose which platforms to be most active on.

Create Content

This is the fun part as well as the hard part. It’s fun because you get to use tools like Canva that get your creative juices flowing. The hard part is the messaging. The best way to approach the messaging is by knowing pain points of your audience and how you can solve them.

You can opt for a combination of photos, videos, and copy. If you intend to market your listings through paid advertising. Then you must ensure that the content adheres to the chosen platform’s advertising guidelines in terms of aspect ratios/ sizes and copy requirements.

Post and Share

Once you’ve got your visuals prepared start scheduling and posting your content. You’re probably wondering what’s the best time to post? The easiest answer is when your audience is most active. You’ll find this information in the Insights section.

One way of building your audience is by inviting people you know to like and follow your page. You can also join relevant online communities for example Facebook groups, on social media. You can share your listings there if group admins allow you. A word of caution here: you can’t share a post from the same page multiple times, that’s called SPAM.

Paid Promotion

Paid promotion or Ads on social media are a great way of ensuring you reach your target audience. You can choose who sees your ad, the budget, and how long you want to run a particular campaign. You can even easily track how effective your campaigns are.

Influencers or content creators can also be hired to promote your listing on social media. A tip here is to find someone in the relevant niche. Because your target audience is also likely to be following them for information and insights regarding the real estate industry.

From helping you identify your target audience to making a sale. All social media platforms are fully equipped with features that increase the robustness of your social media strategy.  Make sure you don’t miss out on using social media to effectively market your real estate business online.

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