Get Elaborate Ideas on Various Types of Landscape Design

Get Elaborate Ideas on Various Types of Landscape Design

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Many people love gardening and they have a small or large are which they can use for the purpose. People can purchase various types of plants or seeds and sow them in the garden. They need to take a lot of care of the plants by watering them and doing other things. Apart from this people also need to think about the type of landscape design. Along with which they want to give to their garden and the accessories they want to use.

There are many types of landscape design. Importantly, which people can use for their gardens and these are discussed here.


This is a type of landscape design in which there are a number of straight lines and various types of geometrical shapes. The plants should be plan in order so that the garden looks beautiful. Especially, random positioning is not good for the look of this design. Futhermore, people can find a lot of pruning in this type of design.


This is a landscape design, which is good for small cottages. In this type of design, small beds are made whose edges are curved. In this type of design, plants can be randomly positioned. Preference to this type of design is given by homeowners. In this type of design, plants grow to their natural size. Additionally, pruning of the plants and their maintenance is also less.

English garden

In this type of design, people need to check the architecture of the house along with the garden. Additionaly, maintenance for this type of garden requires a lot and people also need to water it excessively.


A brick walkway is cast-off in this type of design. This walkway consists of plants, which are order in circles. In addition to this, this garden are organize carefully as there are no boundaries in this type of design.


This is a kind of landscape design, which people usually use in their backyards. Water and rocks are cast-off in this type of design. Additionaly, various angles are create by plants in this design and it looks beautiful. People need to maintain this garden a lot. Water features like ponds, fountains, and other things can also be installed here. Futhermore, people can use various types of plants like bonsai, evergreen plants, fruits, flowers, and many others.

Cottage Garden

This is an old type of landscape design in which magnolia trees, lilacs, roses, and other types of plants are sow. These plants will give a good look to the garden. Various types of herbs can also be put and these include blueberries, figs, apples, rosemary, and many others. At this time, the garden needs a lot of maintenance, fertilizers, pruning, and watering.

Mediterranean Garden

This type of design consists of high walls. People like to plant olive trees, which grow very large. Other plants that are sowin this garden include junipers and cypress. A running water pond of the tain is also installed here. Lilacs and rosemary are placed to cover the ground. Moreover, plants having flowers of different colors like purple, white or blue are also put here.


This type of design suits those places where there is a lot of sunshine and the weather is hot. The usage of water is less and this garden needs very less maintenance. Apart from this, plants that people like to grow here are cactus.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the landscape designs which people can plant in any part of their house. Some of these designs require less water and less maintenance while some need a lot of them. Above all, people can use these designs to make their garden beautiful as per their convenience.

By Molly Crowe