Exterior Wall Cladding: A Comprehensive Selection Guide

Exterior Wall Cladding: A Comprehensive Selection Guide

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Cladding has always been popular with people who are looking for a way to spice up their homes. But it’s definitely been gaining more and more attention in the past couple of years. Thanks to new ideas, techniques, and professionals who promote this idea. Cladding is now hotter than ever, so if you too are interested in this idea. Here are a few things you need to know before you start planning such a project.

Decide what you need

Not all cladding options are the same, and you need to think long and hard before making a decision. What kind of cladding you’re going to pick for your home. What you need to do first is define your budget and find a reputable company. That has all the experience, knowledge, and skills you’ll need. Talking to your friends, looking at local newspapers, and browsing the Internet are just some of the ways to find someone you can trust. Of course, you could try handling this on your own, which may sound like a great idea at first. But hiring a professional is still better. In the end, you just need to pick the sort of cladding you’ll go for, and start the project.

UPVC and wood cladding

These are two of the most popular cladding ideas, so be sure to check them out and look into their pros and cons. UPVC cladding is elegant, durable, and weather-resistant. But it may appear a bit too modern and impractical for people who prefer a more traditional look. Wood cladding, on the other hand, is perfect for these types of people, and it gives their home a cozy and welcoming look they can appreciate. Still, this idea is rather tricky to maintain, and it’s not as durable as the alternatives because it’s not fire-resistant at all.

Metal and tile cladding

Metal cladding is another wonderful idea for your home, regardless of its size, style, look, and location. It’s durable, simple to install, and even simpler to maintain, which is why it’s a great long-term investment. It will also help you regulate your indoor temperature more easily, and make your home look better than ever. So be sure take those amazing contemporary metal cladding systems in consideration. And you’ll boost the look and value of your home right away. If you’re a fan of tiles, though, you can still find lots of cladding ideas for your home – from ceramic and granite to mosaic and porcelain tiles, you’ll get a nice cladding that’s both weather-resistant and visually appealing.

Cement and stone cladding

In the end, if you want to protect your home against harsh weather conditions. Which is particularly important for people living in cold areas with extremely low temperatures. You might want to go for cement and stone cladding. Cement is able to mask all the faulty brickwork your home may have. Making it easier for you to paint and repaint it as frequently as you want. In case you’re trying to achieve a rustic look, stone cladding is the right choice for you. And it comes with a number of benefits. It’s visually appealing, easy to install, and quite versatile, so anyone can find a style they can enjoy.

With so many exterior cladding ideas out there, it’s vital to figure out what you want to achieve with this project and define your budget before doing anything else. This will show you how much you’ll be able to achieve and what kind of professionals you’ll be able to hire, so approach this project carefully, and your home will surely end up with an amazing new exterior look.

By Lillian Connors