Encourage Potential Clients To Become Your Real Estate Clients

Encourage Potential Clients To Become Your Real Estate Clients

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All of us have been there. You just ended a showing with a brand-new buyer who is just starting the home-buying process, and you're not sure what to do next to turn them into a client. They didn't despise the house, but you can tell it's not for them. The showing went smoothly.

The relationship is now in what we refer to as the "awkward teenager" period.

After one show, you know they haven't agreed to collaborate with you, but they didn't appear like tire kickers either. What are we to do?


This is typical for first-time homebuyers or sellers who haven't entirely determined if they'll sell.

This is the time, if ever there was one when we had to deliver.

Let's look at four strategies to consistently win these clients over.


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Most agents are surprised to see that there isn't a significant difference in service quality between the top converting agents and the average agents. The typical agent makes an effort to be ready, establish a rapport, and offer helpful information.

What's amazing is that all of your achievement sits just outside the realm of "good service."

  • Booking additional (surprise) listings when these leads request a single showing is a simple way to go above and beyond the standard. By doing this, you stand out from the competition and have more time to get to know the lead.
  • More Details Are Preferable: Each agent is familiar with the beds/bath count and has a copy of the listing page. Never assume that this will suffice to convert these leads. You stand out when you organize your information in a branded folder with market data, school and community information, crime statistics, the three most recent sales, and a handwritten note.
  • Automation Can't Take the Place of Humans: There is a temptation to ask for their criteria after the showing only to include them in automated new listing emails. It's okay if they want this, but don't allow it to be your first line of defense. Instead, register yourself on the feed and get in touch with them directly when a chance arises. This acts as another touchpoint and demonstrates your market awareness.



The process of pleasing leads is simpler than we give it credit for. Not having the most endearing personality or giving lavish presents are relevant here. Just keep in mind their names, the names of their children and pets, their hobbies, and the features they want in their home. Naturally, how well you can engage in discussion and ask pertinent questions also plays a role in this.

Telling a lead they can take as much time as they need to buy a house (or decide to sell, if ever) with you is another approach to making them happy. Because they don't want to feel rushed and because they don't know you yet, the majority of leads at this point are non-committal. Simply informing them that they should take their time when making a purchase will immediately increase trust.



Asking thoughtful questions demonstrates consideration, competence, assurance, and experience. We don't want to ask you simple questions like, "Do you like the kitchen? How big is the living room? Did you enjoy the home? It's necessary to think more deeply. This is frequently achieved by asking yourself, "Why is what I'm asking important?"

  • Do you enjoy using the kitchen? What, if anything, would you alter about this kitchen?
  • How big is the living room? How would you arrange the furnishings in this space?
  • "Did you like the house" -> "On a scale of 1-10, how much do you like this house, but you can't choose 7?"

Don't "wing it" when asking questions. Put them on paper. Bring them to the screening after you've practiced them.



We've all experienced receiving prompt responses from others. Did that make it more likely that you'd do business with them? Yes! Dealing with clients that aren't loyal to an agency is your situation. Speaking with these clients and competing for their business is not just you. An immediate answer demonstrates a level of commitment to one's craft.

As a general guideline, strive to react in under five minutes. Though this is obviously not always possible, try to be responsive and watch your conversion rate soar.


Zoom Out: Early in the process of purchasing or selling a home is typically when the "awkward teenager" stage occurs. The client has met you and may have been on one show with you, but they haven't expressed an interest in working with you. You're unsure of what to do next to improve conversion chances. To enhance "awkward teenager" conversion, overdeliver, delight, ask insightful questions, and answer fast are all recommended strategies.