Easy Ways to Make Your Small Bachelor Apartment Practical and Stylish

Easy Ways to Make Your Small Bachelor Apartment Practical and Stylish

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Styling a home can be a somewhat challenging task. Especially if you’re dealing with a particularly tiny space. When dealing with large spaces, you have the freedom to choose any type of furniture. You want and virtually go crazy with décor pieces and decorative trinkets. However, when having to decorate a small apartment. You should be focusing more on multipurpose furniture and limited by meaningful décor pieces.

Aside from the items you intend to implement in your design. You will also have to really consider the color palette you want to go with. As well as, focus on making the space equal parts practical and stylish. Here are some fun ideas that should help you achieve this in no time.

Go with regular-sized furniture

The first major mistake many small homeowners make is filling their home with small furniture pieces. The only thing this will actually achieve is make your home look like it belongs to one of the Snowhite’s seven friends. Instead, you should focus on regular-sized multifunctional furniture pieces. Aside from providing you with additional hidden storage solutions, these will actually make your space look bigger. Alternatively, you can opt for a single large piece of furniture that will anchor the entire room and go small with the rest.

Define the focus point

Next, you should aim at defining the focal point of your small apartment. This can be easily achieved by playing with different wall colors and choosing a statement piece. That will set the tone of the rest of your interior. For instance, you can simply paint most of your apartment’s walls air force blue. And cover the one behind your sofa with a lovely Prussian blue or a similar deeper shade. This will make that part of your interior instantly grab attention. Furthermore, you can even choose an oversized wall art piece and hang it on the accent wall, to boost the effect even further. This will draw the attention away from the fact that your apartment is rather small and it will simply make it ooze with style.

Invest in high-quality pieces

Now, since your apartment is not particularly roomy, you should be very careful when deciding on the things you want to implement in the design. Since you will, most likely, have to choose only a couple of pieces of technology to implement in your space, you should choose wisely. A high-quality laptop and a neat little projector can easily replace the bulky TV and make all the movie nights much more unique. To top it off, invest in high-quality speakers, such as this Bang & Olufsen Beoplay M5 Wireless Speaker. That’s easy to set up and looks very stylish. Browse the minidisc.com.au to check them out and order them online, because they’re really seamless in design and easy to blend in, but they’re also very powerful and give off a sound that’s crisp and clear.

Lift things off the ground

Finally, to visually broaden the space even further. You should aim at lifting all of the furniture pieces you possibly can off the ground. This will not only make your apartment appear larger since it will clear up a lot of floor space. But it will also make it appear more stylish as this is definitely not something a lot of people tend to do. Bookshelves, end tables and similar pieces should all be wall-mounted for that sleek and seamless appeal. Finally, you can even hang curtains that go from the ceiling all the way to your floors. But stop only a couple of inches above the floor itself. This will visually elevate your space and make it appear even taller than it actually is.

Therefore, just because you have a small apartment doesn’t mean that you can’t make it stylish and comfortable. Sure, the function should be your top priority but that doesn’t mean it should be at the style’s expense.

By Diana Smith