DIY Backyard Mini Golf Course

DIY Backyard Mini Golf Course

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Alongside various great playtime things that you can do with your family indoors. Nothing can beat fantastic weather and the joy of playing mini golf altogether out on the fresh air. Now, you don't need to spend hours driving far in order to spend quality and fun time with your family. You can easily make a mini-golf course at your very own backyard. The course itself doesn't require much space, only your ingenuity, creativity, goodwill, and patience above all. Without further ado, here is how to make your own little green play area at the comfort of your luscious backyard for you, friends and guests to enjoy.

The basic material and layout

The word "mini" really does stand for a small area, so you don't need to dwell much about the space. You can make fun obstacles with whatever you might have in your garage, as well as with the width of the space you have. Ideally, you would need flat grassy or a clear surface on the lawn with short-cropped grass. But you can easily use up the porch, flat space on the driveway or front patio. Once you have found the layout, that is the place where you are going to construct your course, you need to find the materials for the obstacles.

Get a pickaxe for digging the hole, placing sand traps and for changing the ground for the course. Then, get golf balls, clubs, of course, and everything around the backyard that can serve as an obstacle, barrier or a ramp. For instance, rocks, bricks, pebbles, wood boards, plywood sheets, buckets, flagstone, and sand.

Get creative

The simplest way to make a mini golf course is to dig a hole and place a plastic cup. But if you strive to practice your swing, agility, improve your accuracy and distance you need something better. For reaching the top pro’s ability you had better get a Swing Eagle swing that will help you get that majestic and powerful swing you need. Plus, you need to make more interesting obstacles. First, you need to use sheets of plywood to make ramps and jumps. Bear in mind that balls need to roll on a shot and manicured grass, so before you continue, you need to make sure that the grass is always "ready". Secondly, you can make a maze out of various bricks. Set brick in the parallel to make an entrance, then you can get creative and make a maze out of cinderblocks because they can withstand the strong impact.

No DIY mini golf course can't be imagined without a ball-jump obstacle. Place bricks parallel for the entrance, then build a tower of three blocks lean the ramp (use plain wooden board) and set a few guide bricks on each side. Place the hole on the other end, and there you have it.

Stimulating obstacles

Once you have finished making the basic mini golf course and played. And practiced a few rounds, you can move on to making something even more striking. Tunnel in the sky is one of the challenging obstacles that is quite fun and intriguing for the whole family, and actually not that hard to make. Find a tube that is about 1 meter long. On your existing maze course, place two bricks on top of each other on both ends. Where you wish the tunnel to enter and exit. Lean the wooden board that is on the entrance in the L shape, paying attention that everything is lined up. And then attach the tube for the tunnel by securing it with wire cutters or pliers. Just make sure that you create a small lip so that balls can drop slightly into the tube, and voilà. Another great obstacle is a mousetrap. Basically, you only need a large open-topped cardboard box, cut the sides for doors so that the ball can pass between both doors.


In the end, let's not forget about the competing factor. Even if you are making a mini golf course for the entertainment. You need to make it a little bit competitive. Get a big blackboard and some chalks, finds some nails and a hammer and attach or nailed it on a nearby tree. You will be able to track and write down the scores and make the game more thrilling.

Little imagination, a few scraping materials and you can have a perfect mini golf course in no time.

By Leila