Coloured Concrete: A Guide To Finishing And Colouring

Coloured Concrete: A Guide To Finishing And Colouring

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It won't be surprising to you if you come to know, that concrete designs are the most versatile, colourful and, makes the material more beautiful. New or old, horizontal or vertical, indoors or outdoors, the possibilities of concrete are endless. People usually choose it beyond the regular grey colour slab for variety in texture, shape, pattern or colour. Many homes in Melbourne have a playground, leisure areas and surrounding spaces in coloured concrete.

Advantages and Disadvantages of coloured concrete

One can choose many colours as per your choice and requirements to add it to your vision during construction. There are different ways to incorporate colour in the concrete; like mixing pigment for the even distribution.

Here are a few advantages of using coloured concrete;

1- Variety of design options

There are endless design options available for coloured concrete. Modern inventions like mixing colour in concrete have led many designers. Also that create a structure using an endless variety of textures and colours. One can even choose the colour of their own choice by mixing the concrete with colour before installing the slab on the floor. In addition, you can use acid stain on the surface. In Melbourne, coloured driveways are constructed in a similar fashion.

2- They are durable

Concrete is extremely strong and durable. It can withstand pressure and heavy weight, so you do not need to worry about its damage due to heavy furniture or heavy traffic. Furthermore, It is difficult to damage concrete floors with furniture legs or dropped items while it catch scratches and chipping easily.

3- Easy to maintain

Coloured concrete is easy to maintain, it takes a minimum amount of maintenance. In addition to, it requires periodical cleaning with a natural cleaning agent or mop and for any stubborn stains it requires a blue utility pad.

4- Long-lasting

When properly close, coloured concrete can last longer whether you use concrete driveways in Melbourne. Using it to build commercials with concrete in Melbourne that saves money and inconvenience of having to install it periodically.

5- Gets cold very fast; good conductor of heat

Concrete is a great conductor of heat therefore it gets hot and cold very fast when exposed to different levels of thermal energy. Due to this, concrete is cold to the touch because heat leaves it so rapidly.

6- Improves the air-quality

Unlike carpet and other flooring types, concrete does not retain dust, debris or dirt particles. They can accumulate on the surface; however, because the surface is hard and non-porous. Later, they will stay on the surface where they will easily be swept away.

7- They are cost-effective and economical

Coloured concrete is economical because it does not require additional covering.  Usually the average cost of coloured concrete would be more as you have to pay more for installation.

Disadvantages of using coloured concrete; 

1- Moisture

If the concrete is not sealed properly on both top and bottom surfaces, it is permiting to penetration of moisture. For cold climates, where moisture may freeze, any moisture in the concrete floor may expand when frozen which may crack the floor slab.

2- Structural issues

 An experienced concrete contractor can tell you if your home is suited for concrete floors. Some homes require extra preparation to the surface and the addition to the design support.

In the past, concrete floors were mainly available in factories, showrooms, schools and offices. However, the effects it has achieved by the use of coloured concrete, it's becoming more popular in modern houses. They are beneficial for people with allergies as dust can be easily swept away. Concrete is a practical solution for kitchens and bathrooms where they are easily cleaned and resistant to water. Likewise, they are extremely popular in countries with warmer climates as the concrete floor remains cool during the midday heat.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a new driveway or want to renovate your old one. we suggest to contact FDM concreting for all your commercial concreting purposes in Melbourne.

By Daniel Clark