Colourbond Roof: How To Choose A Colour That Is Both, Practical And Aesthetic- This Article Is Your Go-To Guide

Colourbond Roof: How To Choose A Colour That Is Both, Practical And Aesthetic- This Article Is Your Go-To Guide

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It is quite common for one to be confused choosing the right colour for their roof. Due to the abundance of options and availability in the market. For those installing a new roof, it is important to select the colour thoughtfully since this is not something one does on a regular basis. It is also important to make a wise decision if you are simply performing some maintenance work on the roof. There is more to selecting your paint colour than finding a colour that blends well with your house. There are many ‘colourbond roof colours’ that one can select from including the silver roof paint making it hard to make your decision.

Tips to Select the Best Colourbond Colour

Everyone has a different concept of what colour looks good and their choice is dependent on various unique factors. There are different factors affecting your decision for each section of the house like concrete painting is different from roof painting. Hence here are a few tips on how to select the perfect Colourbond Roof Colour for your roof:

  • The main aspects of the house that is dependent on the choosing the colour. Which includes the style and shape of the roof and style of the house. In addition, environment, council requirements, as well as the existing colour of the house and its exterior.
  • Your surroundings and environment influence your decision especially if you wish to have a roof that blends in with the natural environment or surrounding properties.
  • The location of the house also tends to influence the choice of colour. For example, houses on the coast will usually go well with blue, green and sandy colours. While those at urban locations will usually opt for silver, grey or white colour.
  • The climate conditions at the location also tend to affect the colour you select. Becuase colours tend to have a different thermal performance. Houses that are located in a hot climate can opt for lighter colours to ensure their house stays cool and help them save money on energy bills.
  • Individual taste and the building form play a vital role in selecting the best colour as to personal preference and taste.
  • Some homeowners might like to consider the current trend and allow it to influence their decision; however, it is important to keep in mind that trends change quite often and if the decision is solely based on trend; it might become obsolete pretty fast.
  • Those who like to feel calm and relaxed at their house should consider a gentle flow of colour and choose a similar colour for both the interior and exterior to help them feel connected with the indoors.

Important Factors to Consider When Selecting the Colour

A roof plays a vital role in protecting the house. But it also has a high aesthetic value and affects the overall appearance of the house. Hence it is important to select the roof paint wisely. Consider the basic properties of the roof paint when selecting the colour like the energy absorbing and reflective properties. It is beneficial to opt for energy-efficient colours. For example, darker colours are known to absorb heat while the lighter colours will reflect it. For those who wish to make a statement a bright or striking colour might be the best choice. While those who wish to remain more subtle can opt for a shade that blends in with the surroundings. And apply similar shades when it comes to fence painting.