Building Acoustics: Why A Way to Healthier Buildings?

Building Acoustics: Why A Way to Healthier Buildings?

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If you have ever come across building acoustic, you know how acoustic design can help in the development of better-performing buildings. Acoustic buildings are on the rise today. Comparatively, they have an impact on the building as a whole, and in turn, human comfort levels.

Let’s take an example: have you ever had a night when you couldn't sleep because of the neighbors, street, or loud noise nearby? Or you're trying to do the work at the office but not able to concentrate due to some annoying sound? Not only is this annoying when you sleep and work. But it is also damaging to your health, productivity, and well-being. Considering the reasons, there has been a rise to various accelerometer calibration and sound calibration devices to monitor noise in domestic as well as commercial space.

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Why is building acoustics important?

Building acoustic is the science of controlling and monitoring sounds in the building, be it domestic, commercial, or industrial. Likewise, with building acoustics services sound is controll within specific spaces. And noise transmission from one space to another is keep low. This can be achieved with materials, design, and acoustic techniques.

The impact of noise on health and well being is rare overlooked because it can’t be felt in the same way as water and air pollution. However, this can have a huge impact on the health of the individual. Further, it can have adverse effects on mental health, physical health, and overall well being of any individual. For these reasons, the acoustic design is an imperative part of the construction.

What are the benefits of building acoustics?

Here are the benefits of designing the building with superior building acoustics:

  • Health, well being, and comfort

First, one of the key importance of considering building an acoustic is health, well-being, and comfort. Noise pollution can play a big role in the overall health of the individual. The constant disturbing noise can have adverse effects on one’s ear as well as mental stress. Noise is the number one cause of hearing loss. It can lead to several other problems like anxiety, mental fatigue, and serious health problems.

It’s very clear this way that acoustic building is a crystal clear way to build healthy buildings and more valuable for building occupants.

  • Productivity

If building acoustic is not taken into serious consideration, a well-designed workspace can fail to achieve its purpose of being a productive and collaborative space.

Can you work productively if you are surrounded by a lot of noise? The maximum answer here would be a straight NO. Bad acoustic can make work difficult. It can distract people working and require a lot of brain capacity.  And with the brain already occupied with so much, will not be able to perform fully.

  • Building Occupancy Level & Sales Prices

Noise levels don’t directly affect occupancy levels or sales or lease prices. There might be other considerations that outweigh noise disturbances.

Building with optimized acoustic are high-performing buildings, and that way there can be some correlation between occupancy levels and sales prices.

For commercial and industrial settings that depend on good acoustics, such as theatres, acoustic considerations are very much vital.

Final Thoughts

Different buildings have different acoustic needs. Depending on the type of building and needs, the building can be designed. Moreover, it is the best idea to go for a quality sound level meter hire for the health & safety of the environment and individual. The devices are specially designed to monitor sound in various areas. As well as you can get high-quality testing equipment at Acu-Vib Electronics.

By Daniel Clark