Benefits of Investing in Professional Property Styling

Benefits of Investing in Professional Property Styling

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Selling a property, whether it’s your residence or an investment property, can be incredibly daunting. With a tremendous amount at stake, you would want to present the property in the best way possible. According to the 2020 report of the Home Staging Association, staged homes sell 51% faster than non-staged ones.

“Removing all personal things and furniture and letting a professional property stylist work their magic is a common practice. Although their services are not exactly cheap, the returns significantly outweigh the expenses.”notes Direct Appliance Rentals marketing consultant Karina Wolfin.

Property styling was only shared in the top range market a decade ago, but we’re now seeing this implemented in all markets. We’ve investigated the reasons behind this shift, and we found out these benefits:

Appeal to Your Target Demographic

Using their knowledge of the latest trends and human psychology, property stylists know what your target market needs in a home. They will transform each room's colours, configuration, and purpose to maximise the property’s potential to your potential buyer.

For example, a small room may be converted into an office for parents with small children. You can sell it as a peaceful nook to work and hide their things from curious hands.

The goal is to make the potential buyers as emotionally invested as possible. 

Sense of Style and Space

When you present an empty home, it can be difficult for buyers to imagine what to do with the place. Should they opt for a smaller couch? Is the bedroom large enough for two beds? A stylist knows how to scale the space property. They also know what colours, patterns, and styles suit the room.

Moreover, engaging a professional stylist can help tie the entire property together without significant renovations. Replacing word decals with custom-framed art can do wonders. 

Reinvent Less Appealing Areas

Styling doesn’t usually include renovation, but it doesn’t mean you just have to hide the flaws. The stylist can reinvent areas without heavy work. Are the kitchen walls covered with aged paint? Is the dining table made of weathered wood? The stylist might just hang a pot rack and throw some plush rugs to create a “rustic” atmosphere. Potential buyers won’t see it as an old kitchen anymore, but a romantic spot where friends and family can gather.

Maximises Your Budget

Established property stylists have a vast network of suppliers, contractors, handymen, etc., whom they contact each time when there's a project. Because of this, they often great deals. It also means you don’t have to look for individual workers yourself.

You might be surprised what your budget can do when handled by a professional.

Don’t underestimate the power of lighting, décor, colour, and other more minor details because they can bring your property into a whole new light. Professional property styling can put the wow factor that is necessary to sell high and fast.


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