Tips on Staging the Bedroom before Selling Your Home

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Looking for ways to make your bedroom more attractive to buyers but not able to come up with affordable bedroom staging ideas? Don’t worry!

We’ll help transform your bedroom into a luxurious oasis where buyers wouldn’t say no.

Read on for some pocket-friendly tips for staging the bedroom before selling your home.

Declutter and clean

First, remove unnecessary furniture and accessories from your bedroom. Ideally, your bedroom should only have a bed, bedside tables and a dresser. Create enough space for visitors to walk around. Vacuum the floor and furniture, and make sure the room is dust-free, clean, and airy.

Remove personal items

Remove all of your favourite photos, paintings, souvenirs, and other decorations while staging the bedroom. Buyers should think of your bedroom as theirs. Your personal belongings may not allow them to connect emotionally with the room.

Keep the interior gender-neutral.

The interior should not convey a masculine or feminine atmosphere. The wall colour or bed linen and window blinds should appeal to both men and women. So, keep the colour and decoration neutral. Here is a great guide to choosing the best window blinds for your room.

Display good quality hotel-style bedding

Who doesn’t want the look and feel of a luxurious hotel suite in their home? It is what your buyers are looking for too. Bedding is the centre of attraction in your bedroom and also the most relaxing place. To give your buyers the impression of a hotel, place a clean white sheet and a simple but elegant comforter on your bed. Avoid anything too bold or whimsical.

Add lights

You don’t want to welcome buyers to your dark den. Make sure there is enough lighting to give a warm welcome to the buyers. Lights also make the room look big and cheerful. Let in plenty of natural light through the window during the day; use lamps on the headboard in the evenings.

Add life to your bedroom.

Bring in some plants from your garden into your room. Plants add freshness and make the room lively. Place a potted plant or a vase of flowers on the side table or put a fig tree in the corner.



We hope you will use these tips on staging your bedroom. If you still need assistance, talk to a professional stager or a real estate agent. They can help you with bedroom staging ideas within your budget and create a great first impression of your home. Click here for more tips on decorating your bedroom.