A Beginner’s Guide To Marble: All You Need To Know

A Beginner’s Guide To Marble: All You Need To Know

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About Marble,You Need to Know

As a metamorphic rock that forms as the outcome of limestone being subjected to high levels of heat and pressure. Marble is a stone that’s white and comprises of a whole list of minerals. Even though you can find marble in Melbourne excessively. It isn’t necessarily the only location known for marble. Moreover, Melbourne’s marble wholesalers admit to importing marble from countries like Italy, China, Spain, and India. As some of the leading suppliers of the stone. Italy is explicitly known for its supply of Carrara marble. Which used to be used by artists like Michelangelo and Canova for their sculptures.

The natural stone is a favourite amongst both buyers and sellers, and all for a good reason. The characteristics of marble set it apart from all other stones, making it stand out from the crowd quite easily. Its characteristic properties include:

Following Point to Consider for Marbles.

  • Even though marble is essentially a light-coloured rock, that isn’t the only colour that the stone is available in. With the introduction of impurities unto the composition of marble. The colour of the stone can wary from blue to pink, red to yellow, grey to black, even. This makes it a stone that is usee in several applications. Fitting to every individual aesthetic no matter how simple or bold it might be.
  • Marble holds a hardness of 3 on the Mohs hardness scale. This makes it a stone that is relatively easy to carve, which explains why it has always been a favourite for carvers and sculptors.
  • It is also translucent, which is another reason why marble is the preferring stone for sculpting. This helps in adding in details that wouldn’t otherwise be possible with any other stone.
  • One of the best properties of the stone would be that it might be sand and polishing. Due to the softness of the stone, a marble slab can easily treating and turned into a floor tile or a countertop. The uses of marble are simply limited to your imagination.


Due to the properties that marble holds, it can be quite a beneficial stone for both residential and commercial uses. However, before you choose to apply the stone within the confinements of your home or even merely as decor. It’s essential to find a natural stone supplier in Melbourne that deals with solely the best of the best when it comes to the material. For example, Atlas Tile Stone is a stone importer and wholesaler that can help you find the best natural stones at the best rates. You needn’t worry about the quality or the pricing, making them one of the more popular suppliers in all of Melbourne. For more details, you can visit their showroom for the products you need.

Depending on the stone’s application, marble can be useful in several different ways. For example, if you were to invest in a marble countertop, it would be good for you since it is heat-resistant and holds a high level of durability. This makes it an investment that will last you an entire lifetime that simultaneously provides you with excellent hygiene for your kitchen. However, if you were to use marble for the build of a sculpture, the advantages would be completely different. Not only is it a soft stone that can carveed easily, but it is also translucent. The clarity of the stone makes it seem holy under the right lighting, making it the ideal stone for stone sculptures.

Even though marble might be a relatively high maintenance stone, it’s an investment you’d enjoy making. While adding a luxurious touch to your home, it also helps you form a connection with nature due to its natural properties. Marble is fundamentally a stone for all.

By Daniel Clark