7 Renovation Trends for a Dreamy Bathroom

7 Renovation Trends for a Dreamy Bathroom

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Décor trends have an expiration date and they are mostly valid only for a year. With each new year, we develop new trends which need to be liked, criticised, blindly followed or ignored, depending on your preferences. So whether you are going to apply them or just ignore them for your home or rental property, you should at least know them first. Here are some 2018 bathroom trends you need to follow up on.


Dating from 80’s, this trend is coming back for sure. Monochrome bathrooms which use just one material and colour for the whole room are more and more popular these days. When we say monochrome, most of the people imagine only one dull colour and it repels them. But monochrome has more levels. It can be consisted of different shades of one colour or of the same pattern all over the walls and floors. Monochrome can apply more aspects than just colour. And it is easily prone to change. Since the background is solid, adding and changing details like rugs and curtains can make a totally new appearance of the bathroom, with the minimal efforts. It is more practical than modern if you think about it.

Floating vanity

Other than looking neat and elegant, this trend is also eliminating visible plumbing under the sink and giving our bathroom a higher level of sophistication. It also makes floor stand out so using pattern in combination with flying vanity is a total win. This is a great chance to play with the patterns and make your floor and ceiling complement each other. Combining colours and patterns can leave a great effect. So if there are patterns, then the colour of a floating vanity should be solid and dark. The good thing about this arrangement is that you can freely play with accessories and details while having a chance to avoid looking too crowded and kitsch.

Extensive storage

People often reach for small storage spaces in order to avoid clutter. But on the contrary, small storage spaces are creating clutter due to, well, small storage space. Big bathroom closets and counters don’t have to look robust and messy. With the right planning, they can easily merge with your bathroom style and fit in the décor perfectly. Building a wall closet for all of your supplies can be more practical than having several small cabinets and shelves cluttered with bottles, cosmetics and towels. This way you can keep your underwear and whole house cleaning products in your bathroom and not display it to every person that walks in.

Vanity lighting

This feature is adding the glamorous, yet warm and cosy feeling to your bathroom. While it is not that convenient for women and make-up applying as the light is dimmed, for every-day usage of the bathroom, this is a real refreshment. There’s plenty of choices when it comes to vanity lightning and there is an option for every style. Just be sure that your mirror has an alternative, UV lightning for those bathroom assignments that require the harshness of strong light and visibility of every little detail.

Spa-like bathrooms

This is a totally understandable trend for 2018. Going to a spa can be so relaxing and soothing, but in today’s rush, it can be time-consuming. By making your own personal spa in the bathroom you can have a spa feeling every day. Warm colours, smooth textures, pebble pots and miniature orchids are not hard to provide and not at all hard to enjoy. Having scented candles and sticks will gain a whole different perception in a spa-like bathroom rather than in old-fashion one. Since this requires a bigger change than adding some decoration, you might consider hiring professionals to help you. This is common in Australia, especially when the offer is big. However, there are plenty of highly experienced professionals, and Aussies can choose from some of the best bathroom renovators in Sydney.

Vessel Sinks

This trend is a proof that 2018 trends are aiming for a rough, natural style. Colours, textures and shapes are all speaking in favour of that. Hard-carved stone sinks are becoming an absolute hit this year. They have a beautifully organic touch and go perfectly with above mentioned spa-like bathroom. They make your mornings more warm and appealing than cold, sharp-edged sinks most of us have in our bathrooms. Of course, some people like their bathrooms neat and white, so only bold ones with an adventurous spirit will actually enjoy this new trend.

Steel-frame French door showers

Steel-frame door showers are an apparent hit at the moment. They are popping out everywhere and for a good reason. These are the most beautiful bathroom doors that there are. With the subtle and reduced style, they are making the impression of an authentic French balcony, while at the same time making your bathroom look beautiful and poetic. While they may require some additional cleaning efforts, they are completely and 100% worth it.

Choosing the right style for your bathroom can be challenging. There are so many varieties of everything, and the trends keep changing and evolving every year. If you are adjusting to trends every year, it’s not practical to conduct big changes. However, if it is a time for a greater change in your bathroom design, you might consider hiring professional help. Deliver some choices and make the first step toward your new bathroom design today.

By Jessie Hogarth