5 Ways to Turn Your Backyard into a Private Paradise

5 Ways to Turn Your Backyard into a Private Paradise

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If you ever thought that your backyard had no real purpose, you were terribly wrong. Instead of regarding it as nothing more than an oversized outdoor storage unit. You could start thinking which changes to introduce to turn it into an oasis of tranquility. Paying thousands of dollars to travel abroad will become a thing of the past once you transform your home. Or short-term rentals backyard into a private paradise. There are numerous ways to go about this task and we offer you just top 5 ways to spruce up your backyard.

Water features

Ancient Romans were smart enough to invest in an intricate waterworks system and so should you. If you think this is too expensive, there are water features that will fit into almost any budget. You can transform the old yard tap into a full-scale fountain. Moreover, a waterfall just by neatly placing rocks that you needn’t even buy. Furthermore, the water can run into the drain at the other side of the backyard and form a small stream that you can create a garden around. If you’re ready to go all-out on redesigning your backyard, then even a swimming pool of moderate size is an option. Essentially, if you live in a noisy neighborhood. Listening to the sound of running or cascading water is much more pleasant than the sound of traffic or your neighbors arguing.

Add layers to the backyard

Backyards are seldom completely flat. Even if they are, there is bound to be a bump here and there. If you are thinking of leveling such hillocks. Don’t! They can serve as an excellent base for creating layers in your backyard. Much like the cascading rice fields found in China, your yard can benefit from several levels differing in height. This way, the security and privacy of the backyard will be enhanced and you will partition the space. Each activity you have planned for the backyard, from table tennis to candlelight dinners, can now have a physically separate area to take place in. Wouldn’t it be nice to have dinner with your spouse at the highest level, overlooking the entire yard lit at night?

Installing awnings

In order to be able to use the backyard as much as possible, so you are not renovation in vain. There should be present some form of protection against the elements. Since you cannot possibly cover the entire space, installing awnings is an excellent idea. You could sit outside not only when the weather is humid but even during those hot summer days. Awnings are manufactured from sturdy cloth that offers ideal sun control performance present. For instance, in the retractable awnings made by Aspect Shade and designed by architects. Furthermore, if you have an awning, it is possible to erect a patio area underneath it that would be ideal for positioning outdoor furniture.

Consider wall panels

Adding layers to your yard does increase privacy. But if your fence is short and you don’t want to go too high up, then consider adding wall panels. There are numerous types of these panels, varying in size, color and purpose. You can order special panels that will soundproof your backyard, as much as possible considering that it is an outdoor space we are talking about. Especially appealing are glass panels that allow the light in and at the same time allow for privacy since the glass is textured. Also, panels can have openings, they can be made from tiles of different colors, and they could serve as huge canvases on which local artists can express themselves. Of course, the latter should be possible only if you give consent.

Lighting up the backyard

Night time is perhaps the most romantic time you could spend in the yard. In order to be able to stay after dark safely there, you need some strong lighting. We are not talking about floodlights but of enough light to see where you are stepping. Each part of the backyard should be well-lit, so an ideal solution are DIY lampposts that would be placed around the edge of the yard. In addition, you could add some ambient lighting such as lanterns in different colors.

Once you apply these 5 simple solutions, your backyard will instantly become a privately-owned paradise. Your friends, family, and neighbors will be anxious to come and witness this remarkable makeover!