5 Plumbing Trends in 2019

5 Plumbing Trends in 2019

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The year to come could be a great time to finally redesign your bathroom at home. Or at your short-term rental property and to make it into a dream room you’ve always imagined. It’s tricky to do so with a bathroom because you want to implement the latest trends, but you also want to make it functional for the years to come.

Overall trends when it comes plumbing lean toward. Changing the bathroom from a functional and a simple room to a place of indulgence and luxury. There are a lot of ways in which this can be accomplished and it doesn’t depend on the budget as much as you might think.

Large bathrooms

Next year will be the year of large bathrooms. It’s now become customary for the bathroom to have a seating area or a powder area. Beside the traditional parts of the bathroom and changes will be made in this regard. Usually by taking space away from adjacent hallways and other rooms rather than expanding the home.

This is a rather large task in terms of plumbing since you’ll have to add a whole new set of pipes to the new area. Additionally, for the most part, replace the old while you’re at it.

Standalone tubs

Australian households have been obsessed with standalone tubs for years now, and the trend will continue in 2019. Having such a tub gives a bathroom a clean-cut look and lets you use the tub as a central point of the whole design. It also fits well with both vintage and modern bathroom designs.

The pipes for such a tub go underneath the floor which makes it a bit of a challenge. It will take a week or so until your bathroom is ready using.

Focus on maintenance

Safety and maintenance are the most important part of good plumbing care. At the same time, it’s much less expensive to regularly maintain the pipes than the deal with them once there’s an issue. The professionals maintaining the plumbing in Burleigh Heads provide a year-long guaranty which gives you peace of mind even if you have an older set of pipes.

Commercial properties would especially benefit from making sure that a professional inspect their plumbing on a regular base. And to deal with potential problems before they actually become noticeable.

The industrial and monochromatic look

Industrial design will dominate modern bathrooms in the next couple of years. It looks cold and detaching. Which is a great contrast to the warmth and luxury that the bathroom can provide. It also provides a variety of design options that you can mix eclectically.

That will provide a bit of a challenge when it comes to plumbing. Since the use of non-traditional materials in the bathroom might require you to change the plumbing while redesigning the bathroom. It’s a small price to pay since these bathrooms are often much more durable and versatile than traditional ones.


In the end, paying attention to brassware will be a must in 2019. It gives you a chance to turn ordinary or even mundane items in the bathroom into small and meaningful art pieces. Taps, faucets and even light switches are with special care and attention to details. That will make them pop in any design setting and give your bathroom a sense of style and luxury.

It’s not just an aesthetic choice; it’s also a matter of having more quality brassware, made out of enduring materials.

These plumbing trends will dominate bathroom design in the years to come. They are mostly defined by changes in technology and the desire to have a more eclectic bathroom design.

By Diana Smith