5 Kitchen Designs That Are Highly Popular Today

5 Kitchen Designs That Are Highly Popular Today

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Kitchens are constantly evolving in their design and functionality to keep up with the changing lifestyles of our generations. Therefore, it is also up to us to keep updating our kitchen in terms of its design. So that we can get the most out of it and also save some time in the process. Kitchen designs are a very broad field which includes the decorative. As well as the functional aspects of setting up an efficient kitchen.

Listed below are five kitchen designs which are quite popular and widely used today, and for all the good reasons too.

  1. Smart kitchen: Appliances make up for a large part of any well-functioning kitchen. Therefore, smart kitchens are the leading trends in kitchen designs currently. Smart kitchens are kitchens which are specifically designed in a way so that all essential equipment. Such as faucets, refrigerators, and so on can smartly fit into them without making the kitchen look disorganized. Smart kitchens can be term as an evolving aspect in kitchen designing. Additionally, it is gaining a lot of popularity in the market due to its high efficiency. Additionally, convenience that it offers to its users. In smart homes, owners are almost always signing up for technology integrated smart kitchens as well.
  2. Dark cabinet colors instead of lighter shades: Coming to the design and appearance, darker shades are finally in fashion now. It is time to bid goodbye to white cabinets and kitchens and welcome kitchens decorated in gorgeous dark tones. Like black, green, brown or blue. These colors turn boring kitchen designs or setups into more intriguing ones by adding a pop of elegance instantly to the entire setup. Moreover, darker colors, in the longer run, will also gather less dirt and hence will be easier to maintain for a longer time.

Other Points to Consider

  1. Cabinetry for effective storage: When it comes to storage and effective spatial management. You ought to turn to cabinetry instead of the age-old shelves of cupboards as they would take up a lot of space. Which could have better utilized in other ways. Cabinetry design are keeping in mind the specific needs of its owner and can also be accordingly deliver into different categories. Such as cutlery, utensils, tray dividers, different spices, cereals, and so on. This can be done so that different designs are combining for the storage of different items. Moreover, only what works the best for storing one particular type of item is employed into a combine cabinetry. This will not just free up a lot of space, but also increase the aesthetic value of the kitchen by minimizing visual clutter.
  2. Ceramic tiles and hardwood flooring: Flooring is another very important part of kitchen designs. Which often does not get enough attention during the stages of planning and designing. The recent trends vouch for hardwood flooring or the proper usage of ceramic tiles to complement well the overall setup of your kitchen.
  3. New and improve appliances: Moving over from the conventional fridge and oven. Today’s electronic world has open up to us a wide array of gadgets and devices that we can use in our kitchen for daily use and increasing convenience. Such appliances include sandwich makers, air fryers, and steam oven, among others. Upgrading your appliances game is also the key to having smoothly running kitchen designs.


The above points will definitely help you out in getting some ideas for how to design your kitchen in the best way. While not losing out on the essential purposes of the kitchen as well. Keeping these basic suggestions in mind while making decisions for your kitchen designs is bound to come handy!