4 Hints for Office Renovation Success

4 Hints for Office Renovation Success

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The office space is designed according to the principle of productivity. Basically, the working environment should serve the purpose of making the workers focus on the tasks. Ahead and not distract them in any way. Many companies are forced to rent or the space they work in is inadequate so it’s hard to achieve these design goals.

However, once the cash starts flowing in the first thing. A responsible and prospective company does is start thinking of renovation their office space. Now, this is not an easy task as there are many factors involved. From choosing the right contractors, to meeting the needs of all the employees. It is helpful to know some tips when it comes to sprucing up your office space. So here are 4 hints on how to turn any renovation project into a success story.

Choosing the Contractor

Unless you own a construction company, you are going to need to hire a contractor. This initial step before the renovation even begins could spell disaster if not done correctly. Firstly, don’t just pick up the phone book and randomly choose a name but rather consult your colleagues that had renovation work done.

They will tell you who is good and whom to give a wide berth. Once you set on a single contractor, be sure to check their portfolio to determine. Whether you like their work and have they been involved in similar restoration projects before. A solid contractor that previously did only residential objects might not be a good choice after all. Once you reach the final decision, be sure to sign a liability contract. So you would know who is responsible for what.

Increasing the Value

Presuming that you have purchased the property you are going to renovate. As it would be ludicrous to invest that much money into other people’s assets, you have to think of the profit. Namely, you have acquired the office space at one price. So try to make the renovation increase the value of the property. Don’t think of the renovation cost as a one-off expenditure. But regard it rather as a long-term investment into the future of your company. In order to maximize the value. Add features that would exponentially raise the property’s value.

For instance, if there are no available parking lots in the vicinity, you could build your private parking. Futhermore, charge entrance to other firms or visitors. An increased parking capacity will attract potential leasers if you ever decide to rent the property. In terms of marketing, you have to make your new office space “sexy” and attractive to others, in addition to being suited for your needs.

Hiring Professionals

During the renovation itself and the possible move, your company has to remain 100% operational so you don’t lose money. This means that you and your management cannot afford to make the renovation your number one priority. Imagine what would happen if large offices in Australian financial hubs, for instance, stopped working because of a renovation! That is why local enterprises, many of which are headquarters of international franchises, decide to outsource. More than often, office fitouts in Sydney are trusted upon companies that specialize in office design, outfitting and the installation of office spaces. Such an approach helps businesses not only plan their expense better but also save time and effort.

The Staff Can Lend a Helping Hand

Like we said from the very start, hiring a contractor is a must as your employees are not construction workers and it would be dangerous and foolish to trust them with the whole renovation process. However, this does not mean that they should be lenient about the whole issue. Don’t force them to join in on the project but rather give incentive to those who do. The actual work they would be in charge of, like painting the furniture or setting up a balcony garden, would serve as an excellent team building opportunity. You as the employer would get the chance to see who is willing to put in those extra hours for the company’s future.

Everything listed so far are just several hints to help you get started. Once the renovation kicks off, you are going to realize how complex it actually is and how rewarding it was once you see your office space all spruced up


By Patrick Adams