3 Insiders From Professional Window Washers

3 Insiders From Professional Window Washers

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We always discuss the risks involved in the life of a professional window washer and how important their job truly is. But have you ever wondered what goes on inside the mind of the individuals you see performing a high rise window cleaning in Sydney?

In this article, we’ve gathered a few details on the insiders of professional window cleaners to allow you to know more about how they tackle their daily challenges.

  1. Wind is their worst enemy

Even though this insider seems quite obvious. It’s not necessarily a point you would bring yourself to consider unless it’s presented in front of you. Wind can be quite dangerous for the work of both high rise painters and window cleaners. Whether it be a window cleaner that’s working with a simple rope suspension. Or a painter that’s working with a platform of goods. Wind can hinder the balance of the platform and the rope. Leaving them to be left to deal with the mercy of the wind. The wind can’t be fought with manpower; while above 25 mph is considered to be life-threatening. Additionally, completely halts the work of a window cleaner, anything above 15 mph is not recommended for a working hour.

  1. Just because they love being outdoors does not mean they’re not constantly fighting their fears

The job comes with risks, there’s no doubt about it. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the workers hate their job. All high rise window cleaners speak about how they love being outdoors. Furthermore, would prefer a job that allows them to constantly be outdoors rather than a normal desk job. A high rise window cleaning job allows them to embrace the wonderful views that the skyscraper has to offer whilst also taking in the subtle wind now and then to truly enjoy the experience. But the job does involve an adequate amount of fear as well. With every pro, comes a con and when it comes to the window cleaning services of a high rise building, fear is considered to be a crucial part of the job. It is a dangerous job at the end of the day.

Even though there might not be a lot of actual deaths that have occurred through the job, it’s not enough to calm down the heart of an individual that’s handling it every day. It’s necessary to be completely awake and aware at all times since even the smallest negligence could be life-threatening.

  1. High-skill is a normalcy and a compulsion, all at once

High rise window cleaning services are a job that requires skill to be a normalcy. One cannot simply choose to become a high rise window cleaner. Most companies hire individuals based on certification and training courses to ensure that there are no excessive risks involved and there is no chance of accidental death. Think of it as an activity that might be as good as mountain climbing and then cleaning windows. It’s not easy.

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By Daniel Clark