10 tips to Inject WOW Factor Into Your Property when Selling

10 tips to Inject WOW Factor Into Your Property when Selling

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Selling your home is a tricky process - it’s more than just hammering in a “FOR SALE” sign out front. Aside from dealing with real estate agents and solicitors you also need to think about making your house saleable… giving it that wow factor can make the process quicker, easier and more profitable, and you needn’t necessarily break the bank doing it. Here are some tips to help your get your home to shine.

First impressions

Known in the industry as ‘curb appeal’ - the first impression a potential buyer gets of your home is never to be underestimated. If you have a front garden make sure you keep the lawn freshly mown, the bushes pruned back and any paths or stone features free from rubbish or weeds. Get out that pressure washer and make the patio and any other stone work immaculate. The outside of a property will suggest what a potential buyer will expect to find inside.


Part of curb appeal - but often overlooked in importance. Grubby old windows really take the shine off a house, however beautiful the rest of the features may be. If you have original or ornamental glass you may be able to get away with a good clean, but consider replacing it entirely, especially if it’s cracked or damaged. Aside from being an eyesore, old windows can be a security risk, and an unsafe property is a big turn off for buyers.

Basic requirements

A home which requires fundamental repairs is one of the biggest no-nos in property selling. If your drains are clogged, your boiler leaks or the roof needs retiling it is going to take a large amount off your asking price - much more than it will cost to repair. Make all necessary repairs before you put your house on the market. Buyers expect basic functionality and value it over novelty items. No matter how many jets your jacuzzi has, if the roof leaks you’re not going to sell.

A warm welcome

Make buyers feel like they are welcome in your property. Simple touches, a lick of paint on the front door, a shiny new house number or some potted plants near the entrance way will make them feel comfortable and relaxed, which is exactly the state you want them in when viewing your home.

Make it shine

During the entire selling process, you’ll need to keep your house extremely clean. Make sure that every smooth surface shines, even get those banisters gleaming!

Utter clutter

OK, we’ve all been there, living in the same place for ages - the clutter takes over. But clutter is another big turn off for potential buyers when viewing a property, so clear it away - if you can budget for it you could consider using external storage. That way you won’t have cupboards bulging full of stuff, and you can show off your storage space more effectively.


As much as it may hurt, you have to make your home feel like someone else’s potential home. If that means repainting ‘feature’ walls or simply putting your gallery of family photographs into boxes, do whatever you have to do. The buyer will want to see the property as a blank canvas on which they can project their own home.

Paint paint paint!

So simple, cheap and yet so effective. Giving your interior a lick of paint really enhances it. Make sure you use bright and warm or neutral tones. White is always a popular choice! Lighter and less imposing colours make the property seem roomier and make the best use of any natural light available.


Eliminating bad smells from your home should be a no-brainer. However, over time we become living with the odors which come from living with a dog or cat (or worse, a smoker). Keep smokers and litter trays outside - once you have removed the source of the odor you can neutralize it rather than just masking it.

Maintain the cleanliness!

Once you’ve whipped your home into great shape, keep it that way! It’s much easier to keep on top of if you clean a little every day, rather than having a last minute panic-clean just before a buyer arrives. But just in case...

Small touches like this may seem insignificant - but they’re not! Real estate agents uniformly recommend sprucing up your property before you even put it on the market - it’s a little effort that can bring big rewards!

By Tanya Mayer