You so want to gift someone a personalised star map- but when should you buy one?

You so want to gift someone a personalised star map- but when should you buy one?

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Ever since star maps were introduced into the market, they’ve gained quite a bit of popularity amongst several individuals. With many individuals buying personalised star maps for their lovers, friends, and family. Custom star map art has grown to be the ideal gift - as long as you’re able to give it up on the right occasion.

To help you know when you should go forward and buy a personalised star map print, we’ve listed some of the ideal occasions for you down below:


If there’s any special day attached to the life of an individual for the rest of their lives, it’s a birthday. No matter which anniversary might come and go. By the way, A birthday is the only day when an individual can celebrate their being in its entirety, without any external negative riddance.

Whether it be the birthday of your friend or their child. You can choose to celebrate them with the help of a custom star map from Australia.

Romantic occasions

Being in love is a beautiful thing - but living up to it can seem difficult (at times, at least). If you’ve been in a relationship long enough. You might even be running out of ideas! Starting from the first gift on your anniversary to Valentine's day. You will soon begin to find yourself scurrying around all eCommerce platforms to find a romantic gift for your partner.

If you haven’t already, there are many different romantic occasions. Besides, you can get printed on top of your personalised star map in Australia. Think back to the date or location of your first kiss, the first time you met. Or even your engagement date. In addition, there are many different ways you can use a star map to show the love you hold for your significant other.

If you’re hoping to give your lover a high-quality star map design this anniversary, you can reach out to Custom Prints to browse a wide range of designs and colours. For more information on how they can help you get the ideal design, you can access their website now.

To the start of a new business

When your friend takes their independent initiative in their career, it’s only natural to want to support them. Many friends do so in different ways. While some might want to contribute to the establishment of the entrepreneurial journey through financial incentives. Wome friends believe in taking the emotional route and expressing their love in different ways.

To mark the beginning of your friend’s journey towards a new career. You can express your love and support with the help of a custom star map with the date of the start of their business. Not only will it be a great addition to their office, but it will also allow them to remember that you’re always there to support them, no matter what happens.

Graduation day

The day that your child graduates are going to be one to remember. Due to the pandemic occurrence in 2020, many children were unable to receive their convocation in the rightful celebration.

If you want to make your child’s graduation special this year (or any other year, for that matter). You can choose to get the date of their graduation embarked on a personalised star map for remembrance.

Celebrating a special occasion with the help of a star map will make it a part of their home, their company, and more.