Ways to save on a kitchen renovation

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Kitchen renovations are so popular these days that just about everywhere. You look is inspiration for your project or a grand idea. But how do you get the kitchen you want without feeling overwhelmed by choice.  Think of all those beautiful retailer showrooms with different styles and ranges to choose from. Flat pack options and the many different places to purchase them. And on top of that, the price differences and quality range to decide on.

Think ‘practical’

Choose a kitchen that is practical for you, not just a showpiece. Decide what you really want before you start shopping around and know your budget. Start by working out what is wrong with your current kitchen. What you would change about it, and what you have always wanted in your space.

 Cut out the middleman

There are many small business kitchen manufacturers that work out of factory units in local industrial estates. That will help you design and build your dream kitchen at a fraction of the cost of big retailers. You can certainly remove your old kitchen yourself. And find a local plumber and electrician to disconnect and reconnect your services. By doing so, you avoid paying marked-up prices and highly-inflated charges due to company overheads and project management fees.

 Avoid complex DIY kitchens

In recent years, flat packs have evolved and are getting more and more popular. However, they can be very complex and difficult. Not only to put together, but also to install. The things to consider when doing it yourself are the tools you will need. More than just a screwdriver and Alan key! You will need sophisticated power tools such as a jigsaw. Electric plane, power saw, cordless drill and so on. When it comes to installation. You will also need to contend with out-of-level floors. Uneven surfaces and out-of-plum walls, which makes installation difficult. Even for experienced professionals.

Avoid relocating plumbing and electrical

The single most expensive item other than the new kitchen itself is the relocation of plumbing and electrical services. If you choose to relocate your kitchen sink, dishwasher, oven, cooktop, fridge, etc. From where it was originally, services such as water supply, drainage, gas and electricity will also have to be relocated to suit. The type of home you have will play a part in the cost to relocate these services. If you can renovate your kitchen without the costly exercise of relocating the services, you will definitely save money.

Shop around

There are so many kitchen builders out there that prices can be highly competitive. The same goes for your white goods. Be sure to get at least three comparative prices and ensure you are comparing apples for apples. Ensure that your quote includes installation. And get a clear understanding of what it doesn’t include so you don’t get hit with unexpected charges.

 Communicate like a pro

Time is money, so make sure everyone involved including the plumber, electrician, tilers, painters, glaziers and installers. They are kept in the loop and up-to-date with your schedule and expectations. It’s the only way to avoid unexpected charges, so if something changes, be sure to inform all of your tradesmen immediately. Finally, remain flexible and be prepared to adapt to unforeseen changes should something go off course throughout the renovation.

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