Update Your Real Estate Website For Success Or Lose Out!

Update Your Real Estate Website For Success Or Lose Out!

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What would a prospective customer see if they arrived at your real estate website right now? If an alluring and compelling platform isn't the solution that entices them, your website is most likely out of date.

Nearly 90% of prospective house buyers begin their search online, according to studies. Although many agents own websites for their real estate businesses, not all of them are operating as well as they could be. Agents are using digital technologies that offer a ton of value and organically and rapidly move clients into a lead pipeline, making modern websites more and more competitive.

It's time to update because of a number of harmful, out-of-date site features.

Include Useful Integrations

Your real estate website needs to have more than simply a brief profile and contact details in 2023. Your website serves as both the center of your digital marketing efforts and your virtual office. It's a place to connect with your potential customers rapidly and encourage them to reach out to you. The interactive technologies that enable this are extensions and integrations.

Integrations provide clients with visually appealing access to information, including hyperlocal data and property listings, saving them time. Additionally, by imparting expertise and simultaneously establishing oneself as a cutting-edge thought leader in the field, they let you win over clients' trust.


Local Reference Manuals

Prospective buyers never seem to do enough homework on the communities they are considering purchasing real estate. Create and regularly update an area guide to streamline their overall research process.

Visitors can trust that you are knowledgeable about the area and have a good understanding of what they are looking for with these hyperlocal, value-packed pages.

Maps Click

An interactive map that shows all of the logistical information clients need is the next step up in hyper-local information. Our clients consistently love the ClickMaps plugin, and their clients frequently comment on it as a useful tool.

With an emphasis on distinctive features in each client's hyperlocal area and a visual depiction of those locations that is tailored to the customer, our designers create personalized maps for each of our clients. For instance, our designers will make sure to include mountain ranges, trails, national parks, and the like if you live in a place that is well-known for its surrounding natural beauty.

You can immediately link from any of the clickable parts to IDX pages, area pages, or any other page of your choosing. Our bespoke legend and table of contents make it simple to navigate these pieces. Our agents have an advantage over outdated competition sites and real estate markets because of these hyperlocal facts.


Household Values

Any real estate agent or broker is aware that the inquiry "How much is (my, this, that) home worth?" is among the most frequently asked by clients. Provide a house valuation tool to make things easier for both you and your prospective customers. These pointless queries are addressed in the house valuation, ensuring that potential customers approach you well-informed and more prepared than ever to complete a deal.

In the field of digital marketing for real estate, the Home Values tool is groundbreaking. Because of our collaboration with Home Junction, it loads quickly, is incredibly accurate, and is up to date. Whether you want to provide every website visitor unfettered access or just grant access in exchange for customer contact information is entirely up to you.

While some clients utilize a link to their house valuation tool as a call-to-action on a content page or sellers' page, many prefer to have their home valuation on a dedicated landing page. Your house appraisal tool will have your branding and photos on it, regardless of how you decide to present it.


Boost SEO

Although they are vital, the majority of real estate brokers and agents just lack the time and expertise to create effective SEO campaigns. It's that easy: if your website isn't optimized for search engines, people won't find it. Google has ranked websites that are buried on page 2 or higher in the search results because it believes them to be less relevant.


Clients can easily customize their pages to appear on the top page of search results and be preferred by search engines thanks to our relationship with Hike SEO. Using competitive research and clever keyword research, Hike SEO collaborates with agents to create a customized SEO strategy. The program will provide you with simple SEO tasks as you proceed and monitor the effectiveness of your strategy. You are unable to fail.

Combine Social Media

In today's environment, social media is probably the marketing instrument that receives the highest attention and engagement. Agents must ensure that consumers are directed to a responsive page that invites action when they click on links in your social media material to visit your website.

Conversely, your website needs to make sure that your social media accounts are easy to find. Connecting these digital channels will give prospective customers a comprehensive understanding of your brand and what your company stands for. Many current purchasers feel wary of businesses that don't have an internet presence and wonder what they might be hiding if they don't have linked social media profiles.

Though there are countless little tricks to maximize social media performance across all platforms, they ought to, at the very least, be linked to your real estate website and vice versa.


Employ Good-Quality Pictures

Expert graphics and photography are excellent means of conveying the worth of services (apart from their properties). Poor-quality photos convey right away that your real estate company is inexperienced, out of date, and sluggish. There is no need to utilize grainy photos because the majority of smartphones can snap shots of professional quality in a matter of seconds.

But it's simple to overlook that different devices may display the same image differently. Pictures must be prepared to display properly and fit a variety of screens.

Larger files also take longer to load, and slow websites might turn off users. You can balance the size and resolution of your photographs without sacrificing quality or loading speed with the assistance of an experienced site designer.


Update The Layout And Style

The half-dozen real estate clichés are obsolete. In today's fast-paced web environment, a corporate logo consisting of a house and key outline is simply not innovative enough. Visitors to your website are used to seeing contemporary designs with well-selected color schemes and themes. When your real estate website is not visually appealing, people are more likely to notice it than when it is.

View our case studies to learn the in-depth analyses of how we created some of our most popular websites, or sign up for a free sample to give it a try.

Layout and style are closely related to functionality. An excessively complicated website may drive users away or cause them to click away before they can view your most crucial material.

Our website designers ensure that users can effortlessly explore your website and discover all the information they need, plus more. Every one of our website designs is customized to the target customer of the agent. For instance, agents serving an elderly population might have straightforward primary menus with a lot of text, whereas agents serving a sizable number of non-English speakers might have translation options.


Update Your Copy Content

Real estate is fluid, therefore your copy must adapt as well. Copy on your website could take many different forms, such as landing pages, blog entries, case studies, testimonials, and more. This material is your website's "meat"—it is what users will understand the most from it and what search engines use to classify and categorize it.

Search engines like Google can crawl and rank your page based on the information on its pages, which helps it show up in relevant searches. Search engines will lower your position if your content isn't updated on a regular basis and ends up being erroneous or irrelevant.

Look through your pages to find any out-of-date data and supporting details first. Then, using keywords that you have carefully chosen, determine where you might provide extra pertinent information. Additionally, you ought to search for chances to incorporate updated vocabulary (consider primary versus master suites).

Last, but not least, remember that tiny text elements like meta descriptions can play a huge part. When a webpage is listed on a search engine results page, meta descriptions serve as a brief synopsis of the material on the page. These descriptions outline what users and search engines can anticipate. Because they only draw visitors who are specifically searching for your kind of information, they also aid in reducing your page bounce rate.

Optimize To Work On Several Devices

A staggering 92% of internet users are passing over your website if it isn't mobile-friendly. The majority of internet users are used to reading concise articles with vibrant images and easy-to-read language. Many web browsers give up if these pages don't load completely in less than three seconds.

Make sure your real estate website works and looks great on desktop and mobile devices by collaborating closely with your web designer. Every AgentFire website is adaptable to different screens and smart devices. Our websites are made to adapt to the shape of the device they are being seen on, so they always look their best.


Commence Now

A current, functional website is essential to your internet marketing strategy. Sadly, there aren't many visually appealing, responsive, and intuitively created websites. Your online brand will be revitalized and the proper people will see your information with a few simple modifications.

In the world of real estate, things are always changing. You'll be falling behind the competition if you don't collaborate with an experienced designer to adjust to these adjustments on a frequent basis.