Understanding re-pointing and re-bedding the roof and some essential tips

Understanding re-pointing and re-bedding the roof and some essential tips

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The roof is an important part of your house. It is what keeps the house together and protects the occupants and all your valuables. Roof protects the house from harsh weather conditions like a storm, heavy rain, and hail. It is thus essential to consider the maintenance of a roof as well when taking up maintenance of other sections of the house. However, roof maintenance can be quite confusing especially for new homeowners. Since there are also several new terms available for this purpose like rebedding and repointing. It is essential for those living in places that are prone to storms to have their roof inspect on a regular basis. Some of the common issues include repair of the tile, loose shingles, peeling paint, etc. Futhermore, this article explains what is re-pointing and provides essential tips on the task of re-pointing.

What is Re-Pointing?

Roofs undergo the process of pointing and bedding. Pointing is essentially the process of ensuring the external section of the masonry construction as well as joints. Moreover, decay overtime is fix to avoid leakage or damage to the tiles. Water and frost tend to damage a roof however this can be keep away by the process of re-pointing. Which is an essential part of the maintenance. Some of the other common maintenance tasks for the roof include re-bedding which is essentially the composition of sand & cement to fix the ridge capping. Ridge capping is the triangular-shaped tiles that are put on the highest points of the roof. It is a good idea to seek assistance from the professionals for a roof inspection. Futher, check if need for re-pointing, re-bedding, tile roof restoration, etc.

Essential Tips for Re-Pointing

  • The process of re-bedding requires the removal of existing bedding and pointing.
  • Re-pointing involves repairing any damaged mortar in the brickwork, masonry, or roof tiling.
  • The main purpose of this is to address any broken, cracked, or damaged mortar which is usually the main entry point for moisture into the house.
  • Working on re-pointing is a high-risk job (risk of falling) and requires appropriate safety precautions.
  • A professional inspection of a roof for the purpose of re-pointing involved checking for loose tiles and cement.
  • Roof re-pointing helps give a stronger hold between tiles and the roof helping them withstand rough weather.
  • The material commonly used for repointing includes sand-based mortar.
  • The modern roof restoration cost may differ from that of the old roofs. In the case of old roofs, likewise that old cement mortar might in practice for the purpose of pointing. Moreover, it is necessary to opt for repointing tiles with the more flexible and durable compound used these days.
  • It is good practice to have a roof re-pointed prior to the advent of winter since there is a greater risk of damage in this season.
  • It is highly beneficial to opt for professionals for roof maintenance tasks. Like re-pointing and re-bedding since they can help with several other tasks. As well as like roof coating, gutter replacement, roof restoration & painting as well as high-pressure cleaning.


Pointing is usually applied over the bedding and might seem like a daunting task. However it is equally important for the maintenance of your house. It involves climbing onto the roof, making a close inspection, and carrying out the necessary process. This is best left to the professionals since there is a risk of falling. In the case where a close inspection reveals extensive damage, there might be the need for re-bedding as well as re-pointing thus increasing the roof restoration cost. It is a good idea to contact the professionals for a detailed inspection as a preventive measure.