Top Things to Consider when Choosing Kitchen Handles.

Top Things to Consider when Choosing Kitchen Handles.

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Looking for ways to handle the most appropriate kitchen handles that are not just stylish and in trend but also practical. This article will help you.

Handles are the final touch to kitchen cabinets, whether they're traditional in design, modern, or somewhere in between. They come in all sorts of materials and finishes and can really help to decide the style and vibe of a room. But how do you know which way to choose to match your cabinets. Particularly if you want something a little different from the standard silver knob like Hamptons kitchen handles?. And is there anything more beautiful to stand the test of time?. Here are the answers to these questions and more

Functionality and Consistency

When choosing kitchen handles in Melbourne, it is important to make sure they are of good quality and well built. Think of how many times you open and shut your kitchen cabinet doors and drawers. You're going to want your handles to be as comfortable as they are trendy.

Check the handles you're going to buy. Keep one against the doors of your cabinet to see how easy it is to grip them and how they feel in your palm. Often ensure that the handles have the right grip for those who use the kitchen. Such as those with larger hands or older people who may have arthritis in their fingers.

Finally, ask your supplier what material the handles are made of and what kind of warranty they offer.


Think about the overall theme and feel you would like to achieve in your kitchen. The handles you choose have a major impact on the overall feel of your kitchen and can tip the theme one way or the other.

Think in terms of categories such as traditional, contemporary, and transitional.

  • Traditional: Modern cabinets with profiled doors and ornate moldings are truly brought to life when decorated with elegant, old-world style handles. If you plan to use a drop handle on your drawers, then remember to choose a corresponding button on your doorstep.
  • Contemporary: The use of a very plain, streamlined handle on minimalist-style cabinets with flat front doors and drawer fronts gives a very sleek, contemporary look. Consider sleek rectangular bar handles or gently angled bar handles with straight lines. Also, look for handles that have flat ends as oppose to ends that stick out so you can grab your clothes or knees as you walk around the kitchen.
  • Transitional: Maybe you don't want a totally traditional or modern feel in your kitchen. May be somewhere between your taste and the style of your home. Shaker-style cabinets are very flexible, and the kitchen door handles you pick can easily tip the shape of these cabinets one way or the other. Shaker-style cabinets are very elegant, with smooth, clean lines. The handles are modern in style, but their curved form provides a softer, more homely touch that blends seamlessly with the more traditional elements of your home.


Tell your cabinet maker/kitchen installer not to put the handles on until all of your cabinets have been installed. This will give you the opportunity to stand in your new kitchen and place your handles against the doors of the cabinet. Futher, the drawers to try out various positions and heights. The general rule is that the handles are mounted horizontally on the drawers and vertically on the doors.

In Hamptons, kitchen handles are preferred in a more sleek, and streamline look. With our consultation, you get exactly as per your requirements. One can even try to fit their kitchen handles horizontally on their doors as well but it is advised to see how it works.

These tips will be of great help when you head out for your kitchen to handle shopping at Marina Isles.