Top 4 Immediate Boosts to the Resale Value of Your Home

Top 4 Immediate Boosts to the Resale Value of Your Home

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Planting a tree on your front lawn can boost your home’s value for as much as $10,000. And all of that for a price of a single sapling. Sure, pruning the tree takes some effort. But that’s something you do for a half an hour every other year. Overall, it’s something that stands to give you a disproportional ROI. If you persevere long enough. On the other hand, this would mean that you have to plan for this resale about 10 to 20 years in advance. Which is not something that a lot of people do. Instead, you need an access to immediate resale value boosts. Here are four of them.


1. Functionality is the first thing that gets noticed

While having a new bathtub may seem like a logical selling point. It’s the basics that get your home sold. Most home sellers expect inexperienced buyers, purchasing their first home, yet, this doesn’t have to be the case. An experienced home buyer or a future tenant knows exactly what to look for. They will look at your bathroom pipes, attic insulations, rust in the gutters and leaky windows. These things affect their monthly expenses and their day-to-day life in their new home. Which means that it is a far more important issue than you might have assumed at first. As for the investment, this isn’t actually something you are supposed to worry about when the time for the sale arrives. And your home maintenance deserves its own budget.

2. Make it picturesque

One important thing that often slips from people’s minds. Is the fact that the first encounter that people have with your property usually takes place on a real estate platform, such as White Square Properties and not in real life. This is a great thing for you. Seeing as how it allows you to boost your home’s value through creativity, instead of doing so through an investment or a remodeling project. This way, your home gets an entirely new appeal without putting a dent in your budget. For those who are willing to invest a bit, it might even be a good idea to hire a professional photographer, specializing in real-estate.

Top 4 Immediate Boosts to the Resale Value of Your Home

3. Investment in the first impression

Another thing you should understand is the fact a decision-making process of a buyer starts long before they actually enter the place. It starts from the driveway. Therefore, proper lawn maintenance, neat mailbox and a sturdy-looking front door may be keys to actually closing the sale. The problem with this is that the ROI of getting a new front door might not be that great after all. On the other hand, repainting it or simply adding some finish on it might tip the scales in your favor. In fact, something as simple as changing your house number or adding a new mat in front of your door could do the trick. The best part about this is that they are investments so minor that their ROI must end up positive.

Top 4 Immediate Boosts to the Resale Value of Your Home
4. Colorful depersonalized space

Most guides suggest that when preparing your home for sale. You should go with neutral colors in order to attract a broader spectrum of buyers. However, sometimes it’s good to polarize people. It’s better for half of the buyers to like the place and for the other half to absolutely hate it than for all of them to feel indifferent towards it. After all, you really need to appeal to a single person in order to close a sale, so why not redecorate your home in a way that will help you get there a lot sooner? Colorful places are cozier, even homelier, which is exactly what you should aim for. Moreover, in order to get a quicker immersion, you should remove all your family mementos and images, so that they can imagine their own.


One thing that all of the above-listed four have in common is the fact that they boost your home’s value without requiring too great of a financial investment. After all, no matter how emotionally involved you are with your current residence, selling it is still a business move and should be treated as such.

by Amelia Atkins