Tips on buying the best solar panels for your home

Tips on buying the best solar panels for your home

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Solar panels provide renewable energy that decreases electricity costs, cuts down costs, and produces environment-friendly greener energy. The material panel is made using a solar inverter that mounts the roof determines the environment it best works in. Before you take forward the process of solar panel installation in Melbourne. You learn how a  solar photovoltaic(PV) system functions on your roof.

How solar panels work?

Solar panels carry panels with silicon-based solar cells that absorb photons in the sunlight and release electrons from silicon atoms. The electrons are capture through this, and that produces electricity. There are three categories of solar panel which include:-

Monocrystalline:-Monocrystalline solar panels are made using high purity silicon. The cells used in this are made from the same silicon crystal piece, though costly, it is also efficient.

Polycrystalline:-Polycrystalline solar panels are based on silicon. It consists of multiple small silicon crystals for which they are also known as multi-crystalline.

Thin-film technology:-Thin-film solar panels are on the other hand cheaper than the above two. It is because it uses a much thinner level of photovoltaic material than other technologies. Thin-film solor panels are based either on amorphous silicon or cadmium telluride.

Here there are multiple technologies to choose from. But you must choose the one that serves high-quality performance over a longer period.

What to look for before choosing a panel?

If you are based in Melbourne and Victoria, the weather conditions of both the cities will vary. So, before you google solar installers in Victoria or solar panels in Melbourne, consider the factors below.

Quality and warranty

The solar panels you choose should serve quality and have a sufficient warranty period. It's warranty is determined on the basis of normality of quality standards.

Installation area

One can determine the panel size from the installation area.

If the solar panel is installed in front of the house. It could be in the area with more than enough light and energy. And if it is on a large roof, then you can choose either mono/polycrystalline solar panel. That will maximise the energy yield, because they are highly efficient.

If the area is a roof that remains partially shaded for a part of the day. You choose thin-film modules because they function better under shading.

Solar power efficiency

Higher the efficiency, more the watts of electricity per square meter. Small solar panels can produce equal energy as huge solar panels if their efficiency is higher. The high energy efficiency reaches above 50% if the solar panel captures the sunlight. Whereas, the normal panel efficiencies range between 12% -21%


There are certain specifications of solar panels as follows:-

  • Every solar panel has a different tolerance power.
  • The panels are rated 100V DC safety in terms of voltage rating and temperature value. .
  • A useful temperature value rating indicates a solar panel that performs better in higher temperatures.

Thus, these are some of the thoughts you should look before choosing a solar panel for your home. Before you finalise one. Consider the following

Things to look before the panel installation

  • Measure your roof space. If you have plenty of it, then it is economically favourable to invest in cheaper panels.
  • Panels typically range between 1.6 sq. me. But every panel is not the same.
  • You will require fewer panels if effeciency is higher.

What is the cost of a solar panel?

The cost of a solar panel depends upon the kilowatts of electricity it generates. The average price across Australian capital cities for a 5kW system ranges around $5100, and it keeps on getting cheaper. Your solar energy investment will pay you back for 2-7 years, and after that, you can count on your savings.

Thus, this step-by-step process will help you make a perfect decision towards investing in solar panels. If you are looking for solar power installation in Melbourne, contact for further details.