Three Quick Email Marketing Tips For Real Estate

Three Quick Email Marketing Tips For Real Estate

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Making the most of your time is essential since, as a real estate broker, you don't really have a lot of time to send out an email blast. Three easy tips that will point you on the correct path will help you kickstart your campaign straight now.


1. Be A Source Of Real Estate News... I Don't Sell Vacuum Cleaners

Remember that sending a good real estate marketing email can accomplish two things. First, it can function as a resource for your reader, offering advice and/or news. When necessary, it can also emphasize a subtle offer for your reader to take advantage of, if they're prepared. Let's go through why it's crucial to keep your emails' "marketing" content to a minimum—deliverability is everything. People won't read your emails and are likely to immediately unsubscribe if they don't generally find them helpful. It's important to emphasize providing free, helpful material if you want to keep your bounce and unsubscribe rates low. Developing as a news source for your audience is the goal. You desire that your readers begin to miss your updates. Make them significant by investing the time and effort necessary, and avoid bombarding your readers with sales pitches for your real estate services. You won't even need to beg potential clients to contact you once you've established yourself as a genuine authority in your particular real estate market.


2. The Importance Of Timing

Test different sending days for your email marketing campaigns. While home buyers and sellers in certain markets prefer to complete all of their internet business on the weekends, others have folks who are too busy to receive an email during the week. Monitor the metrics of your mass emailing program. You can often view bounce rate and interactivity with any links in the email from trustworthy sources (like iContact). You might want to try out a single-property house listing as a controlled type of blast first. Make sure the material in the messages is formatted similarly and that they both have appealing, comparable features. In this manner, you can be certain that your test run will produce more accurate findings. Although it may seem like a lot of work, if you spend the time to create your messages, why waste it by assuming when the optimum time to distribute them in your local market would be?


3. Constantly Give Your Complete Contact Information

You should include complete contact information, links to your websites, and social media profiles in every email you send. In this way, if people are impressed, they will go out of their way to find you by looking for your email address, phone number, or Twitter handle in the message. This supports our belief that if your material is compelling enough, people will find you. That doesn't mean we can't help them find you when they do decide to seek professional advice!