The Main Benefits Of Using AI In B2B Sales

The Main Benefits Of Using AI In B2B Sales

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Top Techniques B2B Sales Teams Use AI


1. Using Data To Improve The Sales Process

Sales representatives that now employ AI and automation in their work report that they frequently use tools that provide data-driven insights, such as sales forecasting, lead scoring, pipeline analysis, etc.

The second-largest advantage of adopting AI/automation technologies in their sales function, according to B2B reps, is that AI enables them to use data to optimize their process. This is consistent with our Sales Strategy & Trends Report's results, which showed that salespeople are finding data to be more crucial to their sales strategy.

Reps claim that these data-driven solutions are the second most effective AI/automation tool for helping them achieve their objectives, therefore using them is a wise plan.


2. To Focus On Selling By Freeing Up Time From Manual Labor

The improvement of the sales process was the second-most important sales objective for 2022. Additionally, one in five sales representatives claimed that the length of the sales process is the main factor in prospects pulling out of transactions.

According to our State of AI survey, the second most popular tool is an AI tool that automates manual work (such as data entry, note-taking, scheduling, etc.), and 69% of respondents claim that using an AI/automation tool allows them to spend more time selling.

Overall, automating manual operations allows sales professionals to employ these solutions to save 2 hours and 16 minutes every day. Furthermore, according to 71% of sales leaders, automation and AI increase employee productivity.

In general, AI solutions help sales reps establish more effective and value-forward sales processes by taking over regular duties that could otherwise take them away from the time they could focus on high-impact activities, such as developing distinctive value propositions. Salespeople who claim that AI/automation solutions that automate manual chores are the most helpful in assisting them in accomplishing their goals merely serve to underline this.


3. To Draft Outreach Messages And Material

The third most common use case for sales professionals is writing sales content or prospect outreach messages with generative AI technologies (like ChatGPT).

The following are the main applications of generative AI for representatives:

Message repurposing and audience adaptation (e.g., requesting AI to convert a message intended for a small business owner into a message for a decision-maker at a huge organization)\


Writing Emails To Potential Clients

Adapting communications to new formats and sending them to prospects again (for example, converting an email into a LinkedIn message).

It's best for repurposing messages and tailoring them to a different audience while prospecting. Additionally, 91% of sales professionals who use generative AI to create sales content or prospect outreach messages claim that the technologies are successful in assisting them in achieving their objectives.


Building A B2B Sales AI Strategy: Some Tips


1. Consider Every Possible Use Of AI

The top three use cases for AI among B2B sales professionals were highlighted, however, there are many other ways you can use it depending on your specific requirements. Salespeople, for instance, also employ AI to

  • In order to aid in training and growth, stimulate sales calls.
  • Utilizing chatbots to qualify leads
  • Using chatbots to generate leads and reach out to potential customers.

If you discover that your primary focus is on giving your customers value, you may employ time-saving AI solutions to automate regular tasks so you have more time to get to know your consumers better and get ready for key outreach and interactions.


2. Make Personalization A Priority

Because they have greater access to information than ever before, customers want more in-depth discussions with sales representatives about how your solutions relate to them specifically. In light of this, it's a good idea to use AI, which 69% of sales representatives claim helps them improve customer experience personalization.

You can use lead-qualifying technologies that evaluate leads and assist you in learning more about them before contacting them, or you can use generative AI to build personalized responses to customer emails.

AI/automation solutions, according to survey respondents, help personalize prospecting and outreach efforts.


3. Maximize The Potential Of AI Analytics Technologies

Data sorting takes time and can distract you from concentrating on the things that are most important to your profession and that you find most enjoyable.

Therefore, make the most of AI analytics technologies to save time, obtain genuine findings more quickly, and make decisions that are supported by data.

AI analytics tools let you:

  • To gain a complete picture of your prospects and customers, add data from outside sources to your CRM.
  • To find the best leads, employ predictive scoring systems.
  • To assist you in making decisions and addressing potential obstacles, forecast and obtain precise projections.
  • Using conversational intelligence tools to analyze sales calls and determine what works and what doesn't will help you improve your training process.


4. Avoid Letting AI Control Your Plan

Sales representatives claimed that automation helps them reach their goals and that various sales processes can benefit from AI tools. However, they also agree that salesmen shouldn't rely too heavily on AI (73%).

For instance, salespeople utilize generative AI to create material for sales enablement and communications to prospects. But 78% still participate in the process by editing the generative outputs they receive rather than simply copying, pasting, and transmitting them.

Use AI solutions to help and augment your current processes and tactics, not replace them. In reality, the main reason reps who don't use AI/automation technologies yet are holding back is that they don't want to become unduly dependent on them.


Future Prospects For AI In B2B Sales

AI is currently on fire, but what will happen in the next year? The majority of salespeople anticipate that AI/automation will play a role in most sectors of the industry; their software will be equipped with AI, chatbots will respond to their inquiries, and AI technologies will help them with routine work.

The most intriguing statistic is that 53% of B2B salespeople specifically state that automation and AI will evolve to the point where they can contact prospects on their own.


Now To You

Understanding what other companies are doing can be useful because there is no one technique that works for everyone when integrating artificial intelligence into your sales process.