The 5 Keys To Real Estate Professionals’ Consistent Social Media Growth

The 5 Keys To Real Estate Professionals’ Consistent Social Media Growth

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Viral social media posts and steady growth on social media platforms are quite different things. Being consistent on social media is a much better qualification for long-term success and generating hot leads - now and in the future. You might get lucky with a viral post. continuous brand recognition, enhanced customer connections, and increased SEO are all results of maintaining continuous growth.

However, maintaining your social media presence is not always simple, and a lot of users who experience a brief burst of popularity discover that it fizzles out just as soon. For years to come, you may effectively use social media to amplify your overall real estate brand by keeping an eye on your social media profiles and using it to monitor and manage your online presence.

Continue reading to learn the 5 essential components you need to succeed in social media marketing for real estate for a very long time.


Consider Yourself More Than Just An Agent: A Content Creator

Even if you don't consider yourself to be an influencer, knowing what they do and how they succeed can help you develop a plan for your own social media approach.


Concentrate On Your Target Clientele

Knowing with whom you will be interacting is the first step. You can specialize in selling vacation homes or work mostly with families. In a perfect world, you would have developed buyer personas that capture the shared passions of the customers you are marketing to. Pay attention to the tone, manner, frequency, and any other characteristics that may influence the interests of your specific clientele.


Consistently Uphold Your Brand's Image

Once you've identified your target market, you'll want to be sure that your distinctive real estate brand is one that people can easily recognize. Your business's aesthetic is the most distinguishing feature that will help your audience remember your brand on image-focused social media sites like Instagram or Tik Tok.

Beyond selecting your primary and accent colors, your visual brand identity encompasses more. Utilize consistent design elements, typefaces, and post templates to stand out in your hyperlocal market. For clients, our professional web designers have produced eye-catching branding that includes logos, marketing materials, color schemes, and more.


Keep The Tone Of Your Brand

The next important aspect of your social media brand that will make you stand out for years to come is the general tone. Do you use "I" or "we" (recognizing your team) when referring to your online brand? What lingo strikes you as being natural? Maintaining consistency in your brand voice across all of your social media accounts shows how you identify yourself and your company as well as the emotional connections you want to make with your audience.


Strengthen Your Content Strategy

Time management is one of the biggest issues mentioned by agents who haven't exactly achieved long-term success on social media. However, keeping a regular publishing schedule is essential for building a loyal audience and ensuring a steady flow of interested users and customers. One of the finest workarounds for agents with a limited amount of time is batching social media content in advance.


Combine Posts

Create articles and captions for the upcoming week or month in advance rather than stressing about what to post where and how often every day. Not only will you save time, but you'll also be able to ensure that you're not posting redundant content and failing to connect with your audience. Simply planning the wording for captions, themes, advice, images for articles, etc. will make posts much easier to write when the time comes, even if you can't think of every last detail weeks in advance.

Even batching posts take a little more time (although concentrated time), and you'll need to be consistent, so this is not a completely cost-free approach. Don't confuse regularity with consistency. Consistency does not mean posting a burst of articles on a tight timetable before disappearing. You should establish a posting cadence that is in line with the needs of your audience and your capacity.

Don't bundle daily posts, for instance, if you know you won't have time to do the same thing the following week. Instead of posting at random intervals, it would be much more advantageous if your audience knew they could count on three posts each week.

Using your own Excel or Google spreadsheet, you may batch post easily and for no cost. You can schedule and have posts uploaded automatically on any major social network you choose thanks to a ton of automated social media channels. When you are traveling or busier than normal, this is extremely helpful. Take a look at Hootsuite, for instance.


Examine Your Social Media Accounts

You should enter maintenance mode now that you're used to posting frequently. An overly cluttered and disorganized social media profile that turns away potential prospects is the last thing a goal-oriented real estate salesperson wants. Maintain a regular audit of your previous social media posts to make sure the information is correct and timely as well as visually appealing.


Don't Try To Be Perfect

Perfection shouldn't stop you from shining on social media. It's simple to think that you'll never achieve the degree of online success of other real estate agents who are crushing it with their social media marketing. Keep in mind that in the world of real estate, popularity is not always equated to success. We're searching for real, interpersonal involvement. When the time comes for them to purchase their own property, followers who are actively engaged with your material are far more inclined to trust you. When it comes to increasing and ongoing productivity, an engaged audience is 100 times more valuable than a legion of uninterested followers.

You've probably noticed that expensive recording equipment like drones, high-end video cameras, and other recording tools have grown prevalent in social media, but that doesn't imply they are necessary. On social media, some of the most enduring and distinctive content was captured on a phone. It's not just about the video quality; it's about the quality of your content.


Maintain Fresh Content

Imagine yourself trying to come up with a post idea while looking blankly at the screen of your smartphone as your ideal publishing time approaches. It turns out that creating fresh material doesn't have to be so difficult.


Take Inspiration From News

There are certain to be several real estate periodicals that you follow religiously if you're a working real estate professional. On the other side, your followers, who are probably businesspeople from other sectors, might not be as knowledgeable about the real estate industry. To obtain a notion of what's relevant in your hyperlocal real estate market, take a cue from the headlines of your favorite media.

Use the lists feature on social media sites like Twitter if you frequently use them to get a first-hand look at what your preferred media sources are saying about the market.

One of our favorite places to uncover new content ideas is This website resource collects autocomplete information from well-known search engines like Google and arranges it into an easily understandable list or graph. Examine the pertinent terms, then respond to the question in your social media post.


Recycle Content

Finally, there's nothing wrong with recycling content if you're intelligent and pressed for time. For instance, if you post a blog on your website once a week, you may use parts and pieces of it (such as lists or tips) to create Facebook Posts or to create a series of Tik Toks that highlight each thing. It's as easy as considering how the format might be redesigned for each social networking platform.

Clients of AgentFire no longer have to worry about creating relevant real estate material from the start thanks to Textbroker. Weekly posts will be prepared by Text Broker writers, and all you have to do is read them before posting. View our collaboration with Text Broker here.


Never Stop Talking To Your Audience

Your interaction with your audience should be mutually beneficial. The importance of audience engagement in real estate social media marketing shouldn't need to be emphasized. But in addition to likes, follows, and comments, there are more extensive ways to engage with your fans and generate hot leads.


Expand Your Audience

Your followers will mature and evolve with shifting interests as time goes on, just like you. Make it clear to your audience that you are focusing on what they need to see and hear from you. Use interactive tools like polls, ask-me boxes, and surveys on your social media profiles to gather feedback on the content. When readers perceive that you value their input, they will not only be more likely to read your future articles but also to identify with your brand. It's challenging to achieve this kind of development and trust with conventional social media strategies.


In Summary...

Starting your real estate social media adventure is exciting since you're constantly getting new followers and thinking of post ideas. The long game might provide difficulties and ultimately thwart your success on social media.

Fortunately, the advice we've provided in this post will not only help you maintain a strong social media presence but will also result in continued, quantifiable marketing success. We are all aware of the need of general guidelines for social media growth, including time management, relevancy, and consistency. Now that you are aware of how to make the most of each one, you can take concrete actions to put them all into practice.