Small Bachelor Apartment with a Very Practical Design

Small Bachelor Apartment with a Very Practical Design

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A bachelor apartment is not what comes to mind when you think of well-designed apartments and a sense of aesthetic. They are usually simple and practical, often with sparse furniture. However, this doesn’t have to be the case.

With a few small touches, even a small bachelor apartment can become a stylistic piece of property. That can reflect the interests and the overall way of life of its occupant. Still, since the apartment is limiting in terms of space, the design should be practical and utilize as much of it as possible.

Two-color palette

Many decide to go minimalistic with their design and make their color palette completely monochromatic. There are cases where that can work, but with a small apartment it might make it appear even smaller and more crowd. A colors scheme with a lot of variance is not good enough for a small space either.

Therefore, the best way to go is to have a two-color palette, where one color will offset the other and add interest and dynamism to your apartment. There’s no real limit as to what you can do with two colors as long as they do not clash.

Wood and leather

A rustic look could add a lot of interest and a theme to a bachelor apartment. This doesn’t have to be anything too out there. It’s enough to have a few large pieces of leather furniture and some well-chosen wood for your floors.

All of these could be reused, repurposed and second-hand, which means they don’t need to be expensive. Once you have such a set-up, an expose brick wall could also look good, but that’s often too much work for a small apartment.

A bar

Every well-designed apartment has a feature that’s its focal point. It starts conversations and is often use to entertain guests. For some it’s a pool or a patio, but for a small place. It’s best to keep it simple and invest in a well-made bar. If you’re crafty it can be a DIY project, which is less expensive, but takes a longer time to complete.

Once you have a bar, you’ll also need to supply it. It’s often easier to buy gin online from the Archie Rose distillery. Than to have to check if you are running out of drinks every now and then.


Choosing the design and the artwork style may be a challenge. When you’re limit by space and the fact that an apartment needs to have a purpose. A good way to get around both is to include geometrical shapes in the furniture design and in the decorations.

This adds to the overall look of your home even though it’s not that out there. And it points away from the fact that the apartment isn’t very spacious. Some of these pieces could be found online and others might be hand-made if you’re so incline.

Use the walls

Vertical spaces are often underused in small apartments, and that’s a shame, but it can easily be fixed. Empty walls could be turned into shelving space or into something more. If you have the chance to experiment. For instance, an entertainment center could be completely wall-mounted and thus accessible without wasting space.It’s a bit of a project to install such shelves and the supporting structure. It’s best to inform your neighbors to make sure that they are OK with the noise and work coming from your apartment. Depending on how many bare walls you have, it can be done in a day or two.A small bachelor apartment can still be very stylish and great for parties and entertaining. It just needs a theme and attention to details to make it so.

Diana Smith