Contemporary Indoor Furniture: Hot Trends

Contemporary Indoor Furniture: Hot Trends

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If you think it’s time to ditch that old recliner and donate your shabby and cheap coffee table, you should first take a look at some amazing 2019 furniture trends in order to create a stylish and modern space. In case you want to know what’s hot in the world of contemporary furniture, here’s your answer.

Dark oak

Old oak was popular for many years, but now it’s time to replace it with something even bolder—oxidized oak. This blackened version of good old oak will help people feel grounded and provide comfort to any space. If you’re looking for an element that will bring wellbeing and that coveted spa-like feeling to your home, oxidized oak is where to look.

Bold is the new black

A few years back, we were all obsessed with crisp white, Scandinavian-inspired furniture, but now we’re back to bold contrasts and interesting patterns that make a big statement. Every year, we can expect to see bigger and more daring interior choices, but you can start by investing in a single focal piece that will attract all the attention. Think of high-contrast patterns and don’t be scared to mix materials and experiment with scale.

Curvy design

2019 will be all about curves—no more streamlined, geometric furniture! Inspired by the ‘70s furniture design, designers will continue to produce interesting pieces that will promote relaxation and fun. One element that is expected to really blow up is rounded back chairs. These are a very chic and quirky way to reintroduce curves to your home.

Luxurious headboards

Just imagine yourself falling asleep beneath some lux fabric! Upholstered headboards will be all the rage this year because people want to feel relaxed and cosy in every part of their home. Think luxurious materials like velvet in jewel-tones for a touch of glamour. Beds are also getting a slight remodel with those extra comfy, womb-like ones being the most coveted. If you don’t feel like going on a big quest for a new bed, you can look for furniture online and find your perfect model. The feeling of safety, relaxation and protection is the ultimate luxury today, so expect to find many models designed with soft and comfy textiles that will look and feel like a loving hug.

Multifunctional furniture

If the contemporary design you like involves simplicity and fuss-free environments, don’t worry! You don’t have to go all Art Deco to stay trendy. Multifunctional furniture is also catching many eyes in 2019, especially with people who want to simplify their homes. These pieces, while simple, will definitely add interest to your space and start a few conversations.

Handcrafted items

This year, we’re also seeing the return to all things handcrafted, especially when it comes to furniture. Custom pieces are slowly gaining on mass production and a move towards handmade can be seen everywhere. Many people want to know where their furniture comes from, who made it and what processes were involved. Everything from chairs and contemporary sofas and built-in shelving can be handmade with love today!

Natural materials

The fascination with natural materials and textures will continue, at least this year. Natural stones, terrazzo and even quartzite are all more popular than ever before in flooring, countertops and various surfaces. However, in 2019, you can even find these materials used in furniture production. Think a gorgeous marble dining table or a lux armchair accented with terrazzo! These pieces merge luxury and function in a way that will leave as all grasping for more. Combine your heavy pieces with something lightweight and you will create a perfect visual balance that’s elegant yet chic and cool.

Metals in every way

Metals will be more popular than ever. However, expect to see them in new and unexpected roles and no rose gold! Instead, check out blackened metals, brass or your regular gold and see how you like them as furniture accents. With a few metallic touches, your furniture will come to life and serve a more sculptural-based purpose than in the past. While function is still very much important, art and aesthetic value of furniture are slowly pushing forward.

New and trendy furniture can really change the entire vibe of your space. So, don’t be scared to invest in something hot this season and you’ll wow all your visitors and treat yourself to a world of comfort.

By Lillian Connors