Six Things You Can Do Tomorrow (And Every Day) To Reclaim Your Life

Six Things You Can Do Tomorrow (And Every Day) To Reclaim Your Life

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How often do you feel preoccupied, stressed out, and overwhelmed by the number of tasks you need to get done and end yourself working extra hours to catch up? In my years as a coach, I've seen far too many agents tell me that they feel working around the clock is the only way to achieve success. But keep in mind that there is a distinction between being busy and being productive. And you'll never be able to restore your life if you keep doing the same thing.

It reminds me of something Earl Nightingale once said about a ridiculously simple way of prioritizing your chores and simplifying your productivity. That's what I'm going to share with you in this brief blog, and while it may appear too simple to be useful, I dare you to try it and see whether it works in your life. It did in my case.

Let's start with the origins of this concept...



Earl Nightingale's Productivity And Success Theory

Earl Nightingale was a 1950s and 1960s book and radio presenter who is now regarded as one of the best personal development speakers of all time. (Working for Earl, where he was in charge of 1300 salesmen, was one of my father's most important early career roles.)

Earl emphasized the fact that our life can be shortened to days. The success of your life, year, and month is developed on a daily basis. And if you have a string of successful days, you're almost certainly going to have a successful life.

With this in mind, he provides us with a recipe for making a masterpiece every day.


A Productive Day's Formula

As I previously stated, the concept could not be simpler. Before you go to bed tonight, take out a pen and paper and set aside five minutes. Then, all you have to do is list the six most critical things you could do tomorrow to increase profits. I didn't say this was a to-do list full of busy work. It's not about errands or tasks that you feel forced to complete. This is about actions that genuinely make a difference.

Then, in order of importance, assign each one a number and rewrite them in that order. Keep the list in front of you as you begin your day, and if feasible, work on the first item until it is completed. If an appointment or other time-sensitive task arises, complete it immediately and return to your previous position on the list.

And what if you are unable to fulfill even one item on your list?


Save Energy For The Future

There is often simply too much for us to really achieve in a day, and we must accept that. You have earned the right to feel accomplished for the day if you have kept all of your appointments and completed the necessary necessities while knowing that you have made at least some progress on your six most important items.

So, establish a time to leave work, whether it's 5:00 or 6:30 (it's your choice), and then keep to your goal and leave at that time, ready to start the day off well. Agents frequently forget that one of the most important aspects of today is planning for tomorrow, and that exhausting yourself will not help. Spend time with your family, do your evening routine, write or revise your six things for tomorrow, and get some rest.


Productivity Is Measured On A Daily Basis

What we accomplish on a daily basis determines the success of our lives. Keep this in mind because, like it or not, this is the limited amount of time that we have influence over. It's not so much about what we do one day as it is about what we do every day and how those efforts add up.

If we want to make 2023 the best year possible, we need to start today. All you need is a pen, a few scraps of paper, and the determination to see it through.

The concept is simple, but only the most dedicated will attempt it, and I dare you to be one of them. Best wishes!