Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Real Estate Marketing Ideas

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We live in the most interesting and uncertain times in modern history. Since the Spanish Flu pandemic of the 1920s, our world hadn’t witnessed a disease so global and economically devastating.

Of course, nowadays, we need to be more creative to survive in a competitive world of real estate. We need to get new real estate marketing ideas and create new chances to become on top of the property world again.

Real estate marketing ideas in 2021: go social.

There’s nothing new under the sun: when people can’t go outside, get them inside.

It is time to turn your attention to the two major powers into modern marketing: your personal website and social media.

Now you need to put your full attention into attracting clients even without seeing them. For example:

  1. Start making new stories with polls, presenting life cases, showing attractive houses in your neighbourhood on Instagram.
  2. Use your Facebook ads to the fullest. Create more specific campaigns with targeted ads that will attract a larger audience.
  3. Talk to your audience on social media. Think about mini-contests, discounts, and other little surprises that will grab potential client’s attention.
  4. Throw parties and events with clients (with safe precautions)
  5. Host online live/pre-made open-house events through YouTube or in Instagram stories

And don’t forget the new influencer market! Using micro and big influencers is a great way to create more exposure for your brand.

Use team branding everywhere.

Branded clothes and things are in trend again, and better than ever. Get your team members into official t-shirts with your company’s logo on them. If you want something more elegant: do mugs, bags, backpacks, pins, etc.

Real estate is a business that heavily relies on personal experience. Giving branded stuff to your clients will help to keep the memories of you a little bit longer. Thus they will recommend you more often, and this is our ultimate goal.

Start a blog

Blogging in real estate is very in right now too. A regular person usually knows close to nothing about the real estate market and how the whole selling/buying property process looks like.

However, many of them desperately want to know more. Sharing your experience in good, detailed and interesting articles is a great way to increase your website’s traffic and bring new clients to you.

You build the trust between you and the audience through posts, and helping them will result in an increase in sales for you.

Enter the world of video marketing

When your clients are stuck in their homes, it is time for you to bring the camera and show them the property of their dreams.

Video marketing can be used in real estate almost everywhere! You can make educational content to share your knowledge, make promotional videos for your services, and create virtual open home visits.

Your possibilities are truly endless. Nowadays, people consume content mostly through videos, and this marketing tool will become even more effective as the years go by.


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